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is Kony campaign a bullshit!?

People from Uganda are angry 'cause everybody there knows that the mass murder Kony is dead, or at least inactive since Uganda nobody talks about Kony for years, but then all this campaign came up from nowhere. Anyway Africa is full of guerrillas and genocidals, it's just not Kony...and about USA murderes we can find several of them killing in the name of US lobbies, you have one marine who killed 250 people, some of them civilians just because yes...and he's a National Hero.
So to me, the real threat, the real terrorists are the americans. I would be ashamed of being american.
 So people from Uganda are claiming that the video is a farce and the information is wrong...but lots of money is being done with all that fuss about the video...and that money sure didn't went to he opressed  people from Uganda...
The anti-Kony campaign originated astronomical profits but the ONG that came up with this revolutionary idea: The Invisible Children, only gives about 32% of their income in direct humanitary help programmes...
Recently in Uganda it was discovered a big oil reserve near to Lake Albert. The Uganda's president, in the power for 25 years is inclusively suspected to use soldier kids...
In Uganda too 2million of people live in concentration camps like in the Nazi era being killed and working till exhaustion  because they belong to a different ethnicity...why nobody is worried about that too?
Well I wouldn't be surprised that this might be an evil plan from USA to establish stronger military bases in Africa and control the precious resource called OIL...yes, we've seen that video before all the time in all the world: USA is being invading and destroying worldwide countries just to get oil's shameful and repugnant.
I'm not surprised if all this thing about Kony is a way to deceive masses worldwide: yes media got us foolled...again.
Has anybody found the nuclear weapons in Iraq anyway? NO!!! And by coincidence Iraq has the 2nd biggest oil reserve in the world...
We must end terrorism, so why don't we just end up with USA overseas expanding war??? Really USA is the most genocidal nations of them all, they're the true terrorists in my perspective...USA makes me sick!
I wish Europe quits NATO once and for all!
But one thing is sure: we must end with soldier kids, and soldier men...and wars.

I'll leave you with this video of what conspiracy thinks might have happened in private reunions of USA sargents can be true, anyway Kony did this outrageous things for 25 years...why the sudden interest?

 And I  specially liked this interview with a very clever hip hop artist Marcel Cartier  talking about this campaign.
Why don't we talk about USA World Crimes against humanity too?
Is only ok to kill children when it comes to USA or Israel?
And by the way why is Obama a Peace Nobel when he has done anything for peace???
If I was ameican I would vote in Obama but right now he looks like another lier...I'm disappointed, I thought USA was about to change...
Is Obama the new Lord of War?

Well certanly we need more americans having the courage and the insight to say things like this.I became a fan of this guy:

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