sábado, 31 de março de 2012

Surprising visitors

When I come to my blogue it's specially for write more stuff and see who visited it, so we have the option to see which countries visited us and just today I got visits from USA; France,  Latvia, Indonesia, Venezuela, Canda, Denmark, Finland, Sweden...and Afghanistan!

I was very surprised to see that today I had a visit in my blogue from Afghanistan! About a year ago I had also several visits from Iraq. And in my blogue in portuguese I had too one visit from China (and they have censored internet) and one from Hong Kong (in China but it's more like an independent region). Even this month I got two visits from Uganda (maybe to check out about Kony campaign related).

Although I can see the messages that were read I can't really understand how and why people come to my blogue anyway it was just an hobbie and then became something more like sharing my opinions with the rest of the world 'cause I have nobody who talk to about deep issues. A kind of make imaginary friends but now they're real and I can see from where they're from.

I had more 17 000 visits since I created the blogue (about a year and a half ago)...I wasn't expecting this much...tens of thousands of visits from every world!

My top visitors (in decreasing order)  are from USA, Portugal, Brazil, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Germany, France, Australia and Russia.

Maybe I got so many visits because I write several things about policy...

Anyway as you can see, some of my posts is about dealing with over-emotional reactions and also existential crisis but also is my discovery of the world around me and how sometimes I like it, but how I hate it sometimes because of all the injustices and pain around.
My blogue is a kind of my universe, what my counsciousness tells me but also a way to try to understand the world around.My blogue is about everything that crosses my mind and I feel like talking, it's specially about my wish of wars to be over (I'm anti-NATO), about unethical economy and banking and about environment issues.

Who am I?I'm just a random someone wanting to change the world with absolutely no fear to say what I think, some people think it's dangerous well I just think that we as individuals should use the fantastic tool of internet to share opinions and search for the truth and solutions to solve the world's problems.

And I really don't know what people think about what I write but I really would appreciate to have more comments.

You're all welcome even to criticize and disagree with me.


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