sábado, 17 de março de 2012

We are all greeks

We owe much more to Greece than Greece could ever owe us.
Greece was the crib of the western civilization, greeks's rational and humanistic spirit conquered the world: we owe them the philosophy, mathematics, the science, the mythology, the literarture, the geometry, the history, the democracy and even our languages...lots of eurpean languages have a strong influence from the greek like italian, portuguese, spannish, french and english.
There are several words originated from the greek, specially that words that are quite similar between the languages I said before, for example: democracy, phillosophy, cataclysm, tragedy, drama, catharsis, geography, geometry, hidrology...even the words democracy, crisis and even the word Europe  comes from the greeks and their mythology!
So a country and a folk with this history-and very proud of it- can't be treated like the speculative markets, the troika, the rating agencies at the service of the bankers and the big capitalists have (mis)treated them!
So it's unaceptable that a german minister insult the greeks and treat them as "lazy" and "unable", insinuating that they should be expulsed from Europe!
The last and most painful humillation was the fact greek's democracy was replaced for a tecnocracy imposed for European Union(?) that will make sure the austerity measures will be done at all cost even if it means hunger of the greek people, their despair, their sovereignity, their pride and their rights!
In fact only in the city of Athens it's estimated to be 20 000 homeless, the number of homeless increased 25%and the suicidal rate rose up for 40%, and even at schools children faint because they're hungry...
When the conflicts end up at this level: so low and insensate, when the solidarity vanished, it's no wonder why the non-european states question the european stability and advance to take advantage of this situation. And that's something that truly should weight in all europeans' conscience because:WE ARE ALL GREEKS!

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