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The deadliest sniper in the world is USA's national hero

See that monster smiling above? his name is Chris Kyle, north-american man, 37 years old, who became a legend in SEAL he's too a National Hero in USA.
His mission in Iraq was to kill: and he killed, he saw the terrorists and shot them, he says that killed 255 people, and he doesn't regret anything, moreover he says he liked it and he only stopped for one simple reason: to save his marriage! (really? monsters marry!).
So this monster motto is just one "despite of what your mother told you, violence solves the problems!". His aim and sight made then the best sniper of the US army (so this is a compliment!!). There's 160 deaths confirmed by the Pentagon.
His first victim was a woman that had a grenade, it was the last time too he killed a woman. After this he never hesitate anymore: "my duty was to fire. If I didn't do it the savages would kill americans", he writes in the book America Sniper. It's memories where there's no place for doubts: he says he loved what he did and that he doesn't regret the killings.
After killing 40 rebels in the battle of Fallujah, the marines started calling them the legend but for the iraqis he was the "Devil of Ramadi".
The episode that, in his expression, amused him the most (!) during the war happened in 2006: he and other soldiers saw fearless iraqis playing football with several balls at the beach, the marines were 1450 metres away and the iraqis saw them, but the distance warranty them safety so they started making fun of americans. So Kyle shoot each ball and burst them the insults continue (how do they know they were insulting them 1450 metres away?) kyle risked a "lucky shot" in that direction and killed an iraqi. He says: "God guided that bullet"!!! But his biggest shot at a biggest distance was in 2008 in the surroundings of Sadr City he was in a 2nd floor of a building protecting a north-american patrol so he noticed someone back sit in a roof of a house almost 2 km away...he didn't saw any gun but he was suspicious so he fired!!!
Kyle was injured in shooting twice at war, he won several medals(!!!) and he retired in 2009 from the military life because of his son's and wife's pressure (OMG!!! that serial killer has a family!), then he opened a security enterprise where he forms snipers (right keep up your bloody legacy).
So serial killers like this are USA's national heroes and are inserted in society again and even gain medals but guys like Bradley Manning who told the truth about the atrocities going on in Iraq and didn't pact with that war crimes (being war a crime itself) is arrested in USA: the land of freedom facing death penalty or a lifetime imprisionment!!! Free Bradley he's kept away from his family and friends and from society but he's not a threat...on the other hand he never hurt anyone: he should be the hero!
Really USA has caused so much deaths and pain: USA's troops invade other's nations, kill everyone and destroy their lives. I agree with Ted Randall: USA is the most genocidal nation that ever existed!
There's no other way to say this: USA sucks!

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Are muslims terrorists?

The answer of a german muslim scholar when he was asked about terrorism and Islam.
He said:

"Who started the First World War?

Who started the Second World War? Muslims?

Who killed about 20 milion Aborigines in Australia? Muslims?

Who killed more than 100 milion local Indians in North America? Muslims?

Who took about 180 milion African people as slaves and 88% died, and were thrown in Atlantic Ocean? Muslims?

No they weren't muslims!

First of all you have to define terrorism properly.

If a non-Muslim does soemthing bad it's crime. But if a Muslim does the same - he is terrorist!

So remove this double standard, then come to the point!"

I just found this surfing on internet in random comments of the facebook, I thought this made sense. And no I'm not a muslim, I was raised catholic but now I have no religion, I'm agnostic but I would like God to exist and that he would be good...I just wish Him to make people stop the atrocities they cause. Also I respect every religions on the world except when they mistreat animals or people.
But take a look at what History tell us: no muslim country was envolved in the World Wars, no muslim country invaded other country claiming they don't have any moral, no muslim country cared about the way people live in the West even not agreeing with them...they just lived their lives and all the sudden with the thirst for oil the westerns invade their country saying they're there to free them when all they do is destroying that ancient countries, making war refugees and not helping them, they destroy those people's lives and their country and then leave them with no chance or opportunity...ok some of them (few) are accepted as refugees in NATO countries but NATO countries don't really like having refugees living there, some of them, like Norway are nationalists and don't like being "invaded" by who they invaded litereally.
See the case of that norwegian mad guy who killed 77 people? he was raised and born in Norway, he's a norwegian with blonde hair and blue eyes.If someone from abroad like a muslim had done that he would be a terrorist but who's Brehvik then? he's a poor crazy guy with no conscience of this actions? Give me a break!
In Europe, specially in France, Germany and Norway, Denmark and Sweden they want to stop muslims' immigration...well it would help if you get out of NATO and stop destroying those peole's lives and countries so they wouldn't have to move out!
The West made this new War between West and East a few years ago with the September Eleven which some scepticals even doubt if it was bull shit , just an excuse to invade Iraqui...tell me fellows you were so sure about the damn nuclaer weapons were are they? West governments lied to entire world and nothing happened to them!
And more, how to explain September 11? How? USA spends millions in security! And on that day, by coincidence all the planes of army were out on other States doing military exercises!
On the other day I saw a a reporter on TV about Iraq after the war and people who escaped the NATO invasion are refugees now: some of them (few) moved to Australia, Canada, USA, Sweden, UK, Norway and so on but the majority that survived now live illlegaly in nearby countries like Syria...they have nothing on their home and no oportunities in Middle East nearby countries.
There was the case of a muslim family whose teenager daugher even was studying in Baghdad at college, the course of Technologies of Information...yes a muslim girl studying in Baghdad technologies!
Other case was the christians who still living in Baghdad they said that before the invasion everybody respected each other christians and muslims were in peace and even muslims with it each other, now even muslims kill each other because a new division came out between xiitas and sunitas...they said that nothing of this hapenned before and Baghdad was beautiful (do not forget it's an ancient civilization with at least 9000 years) even without americans it's a battlefield between sunitas and xiitas fighting to control the new Iraq...people who left their homes now are afraid to return.
Other case was about a iraqui family in Syria living as illegals, their little daughter cried saying: "I hate americans they destroed our home, they destroed out country, they destroey our lives" and forget it if you think it's something their parents put on that child's's really what they feel. The dad of that child told her it was not americans as a folk that are evil, it's their president who decided to bring war...but I agree with the child: the president said that but who went to war, who killed, who destroeyd? american (and european) soldiers serving NATO...and they are supported by their families and society! And it's shameful!
This imperialistic attitude of the West to teh East was what brought the hate between muslims and between East and West and it was this that mae tallibans and terrorists gain more strength and influence.
I remeber the case of a portuguese journalist who was kidnapped and then abandoned in the desert when they found out he got no influence (rebels didn't killed him!), so he looked for help, he knocked on a door and a muslim family welcomed him, the gave him food and took him to a telephone station and this is how and why he could return to Portugal: the people from there helped that stranger! If it was a iraqi asking for help in a nearby NATO basis most likely they would kill him straight away just because he looked suspicious to them.
So just STOP wars, what is being doing is a media propaganda to demonize muslims, an attempt to justify NATO interventions: a lie!
The Western definition of Terrorism is: "the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes". Well that sounds a lot like the western's political behaviour towards foreign countries..

From the facebook of "America- the roots of terrorism":

Today the international media, specially the western media says:
 "All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim."
But if you go back to the history, you will find 100% falsehood in this statement
For example;
In the history of the world, who killed the maximun humans?
Do you know who he was??? He was a christian. But media never said christains were

 Who killed 20 million human beings including 14.5 million starved to death? "Joseph Stalin
called as Uncle Joe" Was he a Muslim??? NO!!
Who killed 14 to 20 million human beings? "Mao Tse Tsung (China)".Was he a Muslim??? NO!!!

 In Kalinga battle who killed 100 thousand human beings?"Ashoka" Was he a Muslim???

Who has killed millions of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq in the last 10 years? More than half million of them were innocent children!
"George Bush and Barak Obama"Why the world does not call them terrorists???

 Today the majority of non Muslims are afraid by hearing the word
"Jihad". Jihad is an Arabic word which means "To strive" or "To struggle". To strive and struggle against evil and for justice. It does not mean killing innocent people.
The difference is they stand against evil, not with evil.
They are resistence.
Please share this as much as you can."

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Sarkozy: the big spender

Apropos the elections in France, which is said that can change the course of Europe: the asphyxiant austerity way defended and imposed by Germany and approved by Nicolas Sarkozy (who?the Merkell's puppy), the anti-immigration path defended by the extreme right of le Penn (and also Sarkozy that is a descendent of hungarian immigrants..)or a new way defended by Hollande that is against austerity measures and says to refuses to implement all that Mrs Merkell says and is agaisnt the huge business that European Central Bank (which by coincidence is located in Germany) is doing with the european's sovereign debts...well at least that's what he says by now, let's hope he doesn't change his mind if he is elected...if he does that it's anti-democratic in my way: lies are incompatible with democracy.
Hollande has a slight advance and of course the speculative markets and rating agencies didn't like that and are making a chantage saying that they will low France rate (how scary isn't it?-.-).
Well I'm not very interested in the french elections, I have better stuff to do but by chance I was reading a magazine and found out something very outrageous about how Sarkozy is wasting french citizens' money with obscene luxuries.
So we hear the case of a french politician saying that homeless people shouldn't get out of home because of the cold and then she was compared to Marie Antoniette who said that "if the people don't eat bread why they just don't eat cakes?", but in a development country like France in XXI century with 8 million people living below the poverty line (I heard that on the TV news) and a rising undemployment rate there's also a big spender dwarf named Sarkozy living like Marie Antoniette.
So it was published in France a book named L'Argent de l'État which means The money of the State and shows us the extraordinary outlays of the President Nicolas Sarkozy. This was revealed by the socialist deputy René Dosière:
So President Sarkozy has 121 cars in her garage - per year it's spent 120 thousand euros in insurances and 320 thousand euros in gasoline, he spends 12 thousand euros in food per day(???) [how can this be possible? it's not just for him it must be to all his cre but he certainly don't eat that much but he sure goes to that fancy restaurants where the stupid rich goes and what you're paying is more like the place then what you eat...even because it's chic don't eat to much, and rich people don't eat too much...anyway they feel good spending money in that aren't worth a huge amounts of money must be no food at all in their twisted mind].
The annual budget just for flowers is of 240 thousand euros and the red winde served at the Eliseu is a Crozes-Hermitage that costs 175 euros each bottle.
It's true that the President canceled the garden party which costed 600 thousand euros each year but in the rest he doesn't spare: a familiar excursion with is wife Carla Bruni to the caves of Lascaux, costed France 130 thousand euros and a few months ago Sarkozy sent a Falcon 50 to Ucrain to fetch his son Pierre, that felt sick before his performance as a disc jockey. The rescue of the little brat DJ Mosey costed France 25 thousand euros.
If this is really true (I hardly can beleive it: really? 12 000 euros per day with food?) how can french people re-elect such a vile parasite of the french State?!
And there's more I read that he hided his Rolex clock worth in 10 million euros during a campaign because  his advisors said it was better to do.
The only thing I'm sure is if France wants more of the same old shit they should vote in on that case France will be in bad shape again...and European Union even more...if you vote in Hollande at least there is a real hope that France is no longer together with Germany in austerity measures that are asphyxiating the europeans (except maybe Germany until now)...if Europe is to be ruled by two countries (France and Germany) the European project is a failure.
And for those who are not aware of all governments in EU are falling, the last one was Nederland that also used to say the countries of the south had to reduce their deficit because they're living up above their possibilities...the same Nederland itself that couldn't reduce their deficits...
So probably France shouldn't re-elected Sarkozy...

Lenny Kravitz fur devil!

I was wondering about what day to chose to go to the Rock in Rio, Lisbon 2012 it's 5 days of great music with a fantastic artists, here's my favourits on each day:one day with Metalica and Evanescence, other Linkin Park and Smashing Pumpkins, other with Bryan Adams, Joss Stone and Stevie Wonder, other with Bruce Springsteen and Kaiser Chiefs and other day (the one I thought I was going) with Maroon Five and Lenny Kravitz!
But guess what? I'm not going to Lenny Kravitz's day because I just found out today that he's just another griffe that wears real fur and I'm not buying a ticket to see you for then you buy your fur coats! I never could imagine Lenny was this evil!
Lenny defends fur he says that he wears fur in a recognition of his native american! Wttf is this? What a lame explanation!
Unfortunatelly, Lenny is just another ass-hole that spends his money buying fur! Although he says he "just" wears vintage and don't buy new stuff...someone who has no problem using real fur has no heart and compassion for animal's pain! And I don't respect those kind of people!
Lenny Kravitz is just another good artist but a rubbish as person and I am definetely not attending to his show!
What a jerk!

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So Beyoncé is truly an excelent artist: she's got the look, she's got the voice, she's got the presence, even I must admit that, I said even I because even listening some of her songs once in a while I can't like her as a person? why? because she wears real fur, she and her husband wear a lot of real fur just to show how filty rich they are! Which makes Beyoncé a bloody minded celebreties and only only beautiful creatures and ugly people wear fur. It's a shame Beyoncé wears fur, the fact she does only shows that she is insensitive to animals's pain and she is cruel too!
So know Beyoncé is a mum, congratulations to her and to her little daugher Blue Ivy I hope she'll be very happy and never wears fur and I hope too that little baby of yours make her feel (more) compassion for animals!
So see that amazing Beyoncé's song "I was here"?

I love it too, and I love the lyrics:

"I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time
Know there was something there
And something that I left behind
When I leave this world, I'll leave no regrets
Leave something to remember, so they won't forget

I was here
I lived, I loved
I was here
I did, I've done
Everything that I wanted
And it was more than I thought it would be
I will leave my mark so everyone will know
I was here

I want to say I live each day, until I die
And all that I had something in, somebody's life
The hearts I had touched will be the proof that I leave
that I made a difference and this world will see

I just want them to know
That I gave my all
Did my best
Brought someone to happiness
Left this world a little better
Just because
I was here"

So dear Beyoncé you want to make this world a little better just because you were here? Do you really want to bring some happiness? Do you want to leave a mark? DO YOU!!!???
I thought being a mum would make you a better person (I still hoping that comes true) but when we see pictures of you carrying your baby in a fur baby sling.

The amount of pictures of Beyoncé wearing fur is shocking and offensive: when will you stop???
So Beyoncé you certanly will leave a mrk on this world due to your succes, your songs, your fantastic voice but you sure will leave e huge BLOOD MARK on this world with all those animals that had a miserable life and were skinned alive to make your stupi fur clothes!
I think your song should have a different lyric, maybe I can help you rewriting it:
 "I was here, I lived wearing real fur I payed lots of money for animals to be skinned alive...the fur that I have and the pain and suffer I caused it's just to remeber..I was here...I think I'm fashionable with fur and want everybody to know I am filthy rich, and I was here...the blood that inocent animals pour will be my proof: I WAS HERE!"


Britney is concerned about rainforests but she didn't give up on fur yet!

Well the Earth's day was last Sunday (22th April). So when I was on facebook I went to Britney Spears's facebook (yeh I'm a fan of her and people are trying to make me feel embarrassed about that all the's like I can't like to hear Britney Spears because in those people's mind that means I don't hear good quality music which is terrible wrong since I like all kinds of music and I'm a fan of several bands which I have seen performing like Linkin Park, Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Muse, Coldplay...and so on), but moving on, I saw on britney's profile:

"Happy Earth Day! My kids love Rainforest Cafe, therefore let's support the rainforest! Check out"

I'm happy for Britney shows her concern about saving rainforests but this is not coherent with the fact Britney wears fur  which unfortunately makes her one of several  bloody minded celebreties.
So I just wrote on her facebook:


I hope she finally stop wearing fur...she can't love and try to protect nature if she buys clothes and other things made of real fur!

You should know that only beautiful creatures and ugly people wear fur!
Quit fur!

segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2012

My letter to El Corte Ingles

So I just wrote an e-mail to the contact of El Corte Ingles that organizes hunting trips!
The contact is do your part and write them a letter too!

I'm sending this e-mail because I checked your website and found out that the company is organizing hunting trips even to hunt endangered species like rhinos, leons, leopards, giraffes, name it! Just for the filty heartless rich have fun! Here it is the prices in your site that you even had the impropriety to call amigas mascotas!!!
So there's where I got this e-mail contact!
I really hope El Corte Ingles reconsider this and stop this cruel hobby for your griffe clients of the high society that don't know what to do with their millions!!!!
I wish you to stop and gain conscience that what you are doing is totally wrong and inhuman!
Meanwhile I with other animal and nature activists will do our best to make people aware of what you're doing and we propose them just to boycott your company!
Hunting and killing harmless inocent creatures that live peacefully in their habitat especially those in risk of extintion is a crime agaisnt nature and it can't be accepted!

domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

People make me sick so I just wanna die and rot alone!

El Corte Ingles, shopping centre organizes hunting trips to hunt wild and endangered animals!

In english this anti El Corte Inglês campaign means: "Please do not organize trips to kill me and my family...LET ME LIVE"

So after the scandal that was the King of Spain leave Spain without telling anyone he was going out of the country (not even to the Prime Minister Rajoy) hunt elephants in Botswana (even being the Honorary President of the spanish WWF since 1968 and having he doing huntings all his life), after the forced and cynical  King's apology to Spain, and after the researches telling that spaniards forgive the king and still considering their Monarchy a very important institution (!!!). So that's when we find out another rampant atrocity, this time in form of advertising and of the public domain: El Corte Ingles, a spanish shopping chain that exists at least in Spain and Portugal and it is a high shopping for high society where the filthy rich buy their gourmet food and their stylish clothes, some of them made of real fur, their jewels and other expensive trinkets. So now that shopping organizes hunting trips to hunt all kind of wild animals all across the globe: it doesn't matter if it's a protected or endangered specie 'cause money solves it they can hunt elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards, baboons, name it!
Unfortunatelly this is true, go and check their site:
And here's the list of animals and their hunting prices in their site that has the unfortunate name of amigas mascotas that means friendly pets in english! How gruesome!
As you can see to hunt a baboon they pay 350 euros, a hiena for 900 euros, a zebra for 700 euros, an orix for 890 euros, a giraffe for 2200 euros, a buffalo for 12 000 euros, a female leopard for 7500 euros, a leopard male for 10 000 euros!!! 
We can't allow this so here's the petition you must sign to stop this: STOP hunting trips
Contact info is very evident there, you can see a telephone number, a self phone number, a fax number or an e-mail so let's just full their e-mail box with our complaints of outrage!

Europe: German Federal Republic

"The European Central bank should serve the interests of Europe and not the interests of Germany"

Olivier Blanchard. director of Research of IMF

So it looks like that even the International Monetary Fund fellows realized the mess that is really going on Europe and are starting to recognize this: a German hegemony through the debt.
Like John Admas said  "there's only two ways to conquer and enslave a nation: by war or by debt".
In the the pursuit to achieve a not so old bavarian desire, Germany seems to be realizing its unfinished dream: Dominate Europe!
I should mention too that even the german people agree with the way Germany, sorry, Europe is dealing with the crisis problem...and at the same time the European Central Bank is doing a huge profitable busines out of other countries' sovereign debts.

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I wish Dexter was real

I look at all those assassins and bad persons on Earth who always get away or don't suffer any consequences and I just think to myself: "How cool was Dexter to be real!".
Who's Dexter? Dexter Morgan is a character of a TV serie called Dexter...he's a serial killer that only kills other serial killers.
It's because days like this when we see on TV the trial of the Monster of Norway (I won't say he's name he's already has too much publicity), you know, that monster who murdered 77 people, most part of them teenagers in Norway, last summer....and he says that he "only regrets not to have killed more", and then he only can caught 21 years of imprisonment or more "in case of there's a risk of repetition" (I read that on a newspaper)...a risk of repetition? you mean like 21 years after he's released and accepted in society and we only say: "oh now don't do that again ok?"!!!!
Norway hasn't laws for this kind of brutality like terrorism crimes, but 21 years of imprisonment??????? That's a joke! That guy simply can't be released in society anymore!
I remember a day after that slaughter when he's arrested and he shows a frosty smile like saying "I'm so proud I did this and know I'm the centre of atention"...that smile froze me and took the hell out of me!!!
So there are shrinks saying that guy is insane others say he's mentally healthy...I think insanity shouldn't be used to forgive or excuse...sick or normal he's a bad person(???), he's evil, he's a monster! And monster's shouldn't be forgiven or given a 2nd chance...that 77 persons hadn't another chance!
And in Norway jails are like 5 star hotels, I've seen reports about that and my norwegian teacher told me that jails have it all: TV, gyms, swiming pools...!
I don't really know what the norwegian justice should do with this monster...but he can't be released anymore in society! Meanwhile he will be sustained in jail by all norwegian tax payers...even the parents who lost their sons and daughters because of that monster!
How injustice!
Dexter compared to this guys and this benevolent justice with the killers is a good man, he's a righteous man that would just do a favour to our societies...this kind of monsters are just destabilizing and destroying society...they shouldn't take no place here...and No I think this monsters don't deserve a 2nd chance even because they don't even feel sorry for what they did! They even not try to pretend they're sorry...they kill because they like to kill that's all!

I don't know what you would do but I definitily would just call Dexter and he'll do the job...I just wish Dexter was real...

segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

The waste of Modern Art

Up you can see a painting of Roy Lichenstein, a pop-art ( art???) culture painter, called "The Sleeping Girl" that will be sold in a auction house in London, Sotheby's, for at least for 30,4 million's basically so shocking and stupid as you win the Euromillions jackpot and spend ir all in a stupid image of a comic book! This can only be possible because there are stupid rich out there that spend millions as cents in frivolities...I think this is an insult to any society specially when money should be used to be more equally distributed and help saving problems like hunger in the world, mistreated children, homeless people and other human causes!!!!
I found the price of that cartoon picture in the internet, in a page, curiously called Born Rich.
I even talked in my blogue about another cartoon of Roy Lichenstein that was sold for 28,3 million euros!!! (read: modern-art-waste-that-is-worth-millions).
In the end the paint above of a blonde girl was sold for 34,4 million euros!
Another painting, one of Edvard Munch, "The Scream" is a much more elaborated painting with some kind of meaning but it is worth it the minimum obscene amount of 60 million euros!!!!

In the end of the auction this paint was sold for 119,92 million dollares, it is 91,38 million euros! The most expensive painting ever sold! It's so ironic that if it was how it's said Munch was so poor that he don't even had money to paint the original painting on a canvas, instead he used a cardboard.
Rich people are such a jerks, to me it's outrageous someone spend so many money on this!!!!
But riches are just who have the biggest amount of the poor's me it's unaceptable the existence of so many poors and that the riches own almost all the wealth on Earth!
Personally I prefer this new alternative version of Munch paint:

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domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

The irony of Titanic

100 years after the tragedy of the wreckage of the magnificient ship that Titanic was I jut want to remind the sad irony of the fate! It was such a big, imponent and marvelous engeneering product so very well designed that never could sink, in fact the number of life boats were not even what it should to save everyone and at least in the Titanic movie you hear someone say that it was not even needed all that life boats (a half than the necessary)... the safety of the ship was so ensured that they even said that "Not even God could sink the Titanic"....
If God had something to do with this maybe he's message should be not to play with God...really how fate can be so ironic and harsh! :(

Friday Thirteen

  Last friday, was 13 April, this means: 13/04/2012. If you add all the numbers that compose the date will be exactly 13!!!!

13/4/2012 = 1+3+4+2+0+1+2=13!!!!
How cool is this math!

plastic killer

  I just saw this picture and definition of it on the facebook "Occupy for animals":

"These picture of an albatross chick were made in September 2009 on Midway Atoll, a tiny stretch of sand and coral near the middle of the North Pacific. The nesting babies are fed bellies-full of plastic by their parents, who soar out over the vast polluted ocean collecting what looks to them like food to bring back to their young. On this diet of human trash, every year tens of thousands of albatross chicks die on Midway from starvation, toxicity, and choking.

To document this phenomenon as faithfully as possible, not a single piece of plastic in any of these photographs was moved, placed, manipulated, arranged, or altered in any way. These images depict the actual stomach contents of baby birds in one of the world's most remote marine sanctuaries, more than 2000 miles from the nearest continent."

People should care about what is done with their rubbish and it should be illegal to dump waste on oceans...I mean, how can this practice can even be possible????! 

Stupid humans -.-

sábado, 14 de abril de 2012


The image is shocking but I thought I had to put it here so you can actually see this scandal!
It's King of Spain with a gun and a hunted elephant!!!!!
That idiot went to Africa to kill elephants!!!!

According to the newspaper 'The Telegraph':

King of Spain was operated on for four hours to replace his hip at a hospital in Madrid on Saturday morning, after suffering a triple fracture which the Royal Palace said was "linked to arthritis".

But the reason why that cabron was operated is because he got injured in Botswana during what the palace described as a private hunting trip: an elephant hunting!!!!
In Bostwana sanctioned elephant hunting is allowed to cull herd numbers, it's an expensive trip for heartless and evil riches: they shot elephants to have fun and then delighted themselves while the undefended animal whispers agony whimpers of pain until its death: this atrocity custs between 7000 euros to 30 000 euros.
Elephants are a peaceful lovely and wild creatures that are endangered by shity motherfuckers like this cabron!!!! (I can't spare my revolt words, El rei de España es un cabrón, so go on and sue me!)
So many Spaniards reacted with anger, with criticism of his expensive and cruel hobby at a time when his nation is mired in economic crisis with high unemployment and real suffering, especially for the young.
It was not the king's first hunting controversy. In 2006 there were reports that while on holiday in Russia he had shot and killed a performing bear called Mitrofan which had first been fed honey mixed with vodka!!! How much wickedness!!!!

"The King, in this situation of economic distress and the dramas that affect millions of people, instead of being in his office puzzling over the fate of his country is instead hunting exotic animals and endangered species" said Basque politician Julia Madrazo.

"It was a private trip and therefore not subject to official comment," Juan Carlos Zamora, private secretary to the King, explained to The Sunday Telegraph, refusing to confirm whether the monarch had in fact been shooting elephants:"As ever the media will come to their own conclusions," he said.
The palace also declined to disclose how the trip had been funded.
How outrageous! Is that way King of Spain spends people's money...hunting wild animals??? Such a jerk and evil person (???) can spaniards still support this kind of worms!!!!!!!!!!
But there's more, now on TV the king's advisors said that the trip was offred to the King because" it's good for the image of Botswana and this trips are source of huge profits to the country"!!!!. And on TV they showed a bit of the video that that cabron made reporting his hunting...I got so mad and so angry! I wish that jerk was dead really!
The point isn't just: "who paid the trip?", it's too and most relevant  The King of Spain has fun killing an innocent endangered, peaceful and exotical animal!!!! Even because the King of Spain is the Honorary President of the Spanish Subsidiary of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)!!! The WWF direction will decide soon if The King will still being the honorary president of WWF...but sure he won't be any fact if the King had any respect that could still remaining he would resign the charge in WWF...a monster like that who shoot defenseless endangered and wil animals is an insult for WWF and all its supporters and people that really love and respect nature and animals...
Juan Carlos is honorary president of the spannish WWF since it was funded, in 1968, this is not his first hunting (in fact the picture above is from 2006) can WWF have for so many years this monster in its organization???
Several activists of the rights of animals are very mad and infuriated with WWF and King of Spain. Brigide Bardot even wrote a letter to the King expressing her indignation!
So I think that any folk on the world should feel repulsion for someone like this that represent them! So evil, so sick, such a liar, so hypocrite!
If that evil man had enough shame on this face he would resigne the throne...but it's not probable that he does that...but I really can't see how he can keep going on being spaniards' Head of State...spannish people sure don't want to be represented by such a evil, sick and hypocrite king as they showed us with their indignation!

source: telegraph

VERY IMPORTANT: Sign the petition for King of Spain resign as Honorary President of WWF (we need a lot of signatures and right now few have signed it) and that evil man sure can't represent WWF (I think WWF should kick his ass out right now...and I still not get how  he can be in that role since 1968!)
To sign click: change

Looks like the debate aroud the spannish monarchy is back!!!
Just take the advantage of the crisis issue to get rid of them!

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And when we think this can't get any worse that's when I found out that EL CORTE INGLES, a spanish shopping for high society organizes hunting trips to Africa and other places worldwide to hunt endangered species like rhinos, leons, leopards, elephants, giraffes! We can't allow this!
Read this and ACT!

NOTE: FINALLY! WWF kicks off King of Spain from Honorary President...he never should be in WWF anyway!
“WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of our planet’s natural environment, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.” The king’s actions obviously go against this.way! 
It took some time but finally this embarrassment is solved!
(read: ecorazzi)

The human race is fucked up!

This is really the kind of things I would rather not to be aware of!
I avoid to speak in too much shocking subjects in my blogue, and I never put shocking images here but even some things are just so terrible that I get so shocked and revolted that I can't pretend I don't know...

Through the facebook of Occupy for Animals occupyforanimals--bestiality ) I discovered that there are some people that abuse sexually animals (!!!!).
And I thought that I've seen it all: since the stray dog that died from thirst and hunger exhibited in an "art exposition" in New York in front of everyone that didn't care, to an english guy that cooked his friend's cat in a micro wave (fortunatelly he was arrested and he'll be in jail...for 6 months), to a crazy stupid girl in Neatherland that makes art objects with animals she kills, to danish students that ate a cat to prove it tastes like pork, to brutal traditional cruelity against animals like bullfighting, dos fighting, to chop brutally pigs in Vietname (read: brutal-unacceptable-revolting)...
No it was no enough people use animals for fur, for meat and derivates mistreating them brutally all their lives in during their deaths, it was not enough laboratory cruel testes or even kill them just for people can go further and rape animals!!!!
And it is even legal!!! And legal in developed european countries like Sweden (!!!!), Finland (!!!!), Denmark (!!!!!!), Belgium (!!!!) and Hungary (!!!).
It's even done porn movies with animals (and I read that too in a magazine about sex shops, one of the most seen movies there was with a dog !!!how disgusting!!!!!).
So much madness, wickedness, dementia, repugnance!!!!
I have to words to describe what I feel right now!

"The German activist Ulla Saure has introduced the following proposal against bestiality:

"Since 1969, the sexual abuse of animals has been re-legalized.

My suggestion would be: a very clear formulation of the Animal Protection Act, which prohibits any sexual acts with animals and also to prohibit the possession of any pornographic material that shows bestiality!

And also a very clear formulation of the Animal Protection Act, that any rent and any sale of animals for sexual purposes is prohibited.

Furthermore, to address this problem and to a change or amendment in the law to work and fulfill your obligation as a representative of the people.

Thank you ..."

Please click on "Glauben Sie, dass dieser Vorschlag weiterverfolgt werden sollte? Dann geben Sie hier Ihre Stimme ab"

which means:

"Do you think that this proposal should be pursued? Then enter your voice please"

Here's the link (it's in german):

So when I think people can't shock me any longer because I think I've seen a lot of shit they do and it can't get any worse that's when I discover how awful, sadist, disgusting, insane, demented and evil people can be!


People make me sick!

Einstein was right: human stupidity is infinite!

How could closely describe my revolt is Slipknot song "People= Shit", so damn true!

quinta-feira, 12 de abril de 2012

Brutal! Unacceptable! Revolting!

I just saw an auwful picture in Occupy for Animals facebook page and I'm very disgusted and outraged by now...I won't share this picture here it's very shocking  I'll just let you with the link:


In Vietname it is a tradition to chop in two an innocent ping violently...they believe they'll be lucky doing that atrocity.

Because since I know this, I think I'm responsible to let as much persons I can to sign this petition against this atrocity!

 How can human beings be so evil and stupid and how can they be delighted with so much pain and suffering they cause to animals...

Brutal! Unnacceptable! Revolting!

segunda-feira, 9 de abril de 2012

Happy Birthday Gee!

Well this day, 9th April 2012, is the birthday of one of the persons I admire the most: Gerard Way.
He's 35 now, and I never thought that with 35 years old someone could still being funny, young, cool and creative. I always thought my life would be a kind of "live fast die young"but if Gerard could grow old this cool I think I can too.
My favourite band is My Chemical Romance because they have good music and good songs and I picture myself in their songs too. Gerard Way is just one of the most beautiful persons in the outside and inside, when I listened MCR for the first music I knew I was not all alone someone felt the same I did and are revolted and disgusted with the world around.And he certainly could do it in a cool way with explosive music.
Gerard overcome so many bad moments in his life, he was really down and he almost quit living but he had courage to still going on and from all the chaos, failure and sadness his life was made of he formed that most wonderful band with great music. Me too was about to quit and during that time was when I discovered MCR, Gerard sang those kinds of things you feel when you're young like don't fit anywhere with anyone, always being misunderstood, always being a joke for someone (yes I suffered from bullying too) and the rage, revolt and disgust with everything happens that's those kind of things you'll always feel in a lifetime but when you grow older you'll just accept the fact: world sucks and life appears to have no reason, so just live until you die the best way you want to live doing what you want, you're gonna die anyway so it doesn't matter if you wanna rush the time...that day will come wanting or not and faster than you think: "we're all gonna die" and there's no way to understand life.
You certainly need courage to put an end to your life but I think you need even more to keep living!
I think MCR during the three first albuns was a kind of catharsis used from Gerard to get rid of his past ghosts and agony, I think the most precious message is: accept yourself as you are and don't care about the others, being different is cool! I learnt that message very well and now I'm one of the most independent persons I know, I just can't give a damn of what the other's say about me, I'm different and I like it.
MCR and Gerard too made me start listening to rock and indie music and then I found other bands which inspired MCR and I love them now (as Smashing Pumpkins, Smiths and Cure). But still MCR is my favourite band, one of the most great days of my life was when I saw them performing, and I'm still waiting to see them again next time.
Best wishes for Gerard, his life he's and example and an inspiration to me.

Here's my favourite video from MCR:

List of countries invaded from USA

List of invaded countries by USA only during the XX century and early XXI century:

1) Colombia (1901-1903)- domain of  Panamá Canal.
2) Honduras (1903/1907/1911/1912-1933 e 1919-1925) 
3)Nicaragua (1907-1910 e de 1981-1990)
4) Mexico (1913- 1916)
5) Haiti (1914-1934/ 1959/1991/1994-96/ 2004)
6) France (during the 2nd World War 1917-1918)
7) Cuba (1917-1933) e de 1961-62 with the naval blockade
8) Soviet Union (1918-1922)
9) Yugoslavia (1919/ 1992-1994) 
10) Guatemala (1920-1954)- CIA derruba presidente Guzmón e de 1966-67
11) China  (1922-1949)
12) El Salvador (1932/1981-1992)
13) Japan (2nd Worl War, two nuclear bombs released by the americans killed 100 000 civilians and spread radiation that that contaminated the country and whose harmful effects will prevail during millions of years).

14) several countries in North Africa during the 2nd World War
15) Germany (2nd World War)
16) Italy (2nd World War)
17) Iran (1946/1953/1980/1984/1987-88)
18) Greece 1947-1949(onslaught against revolutionary greeks)

19) Philippines 1948-1954, 1989
20) Corea 1950-1953
21) Vietname 1954/ 1960-1964/1965-1975- 2 millions of dead civilians
22) Lebanon 1958/ 1982-1984
23) Congo 1959/1960, 1965
24) Laos 1962 (miliatry coup supported by CIA)
25) Equador 1963
26)Brasil 1964 (military coup supported by CIA overthrown the government of João Goulout).

27) Indonesia 1965 (CIA's military coup removes  Pres Sukarnado from the power).
28)  Dominican Republic(1914-1924) and 1965
29) Gana 1966 (CIA removes Pres Nkrumsh from the power).
30) Cambodia (against princeSiharauk).
31) Oman 1970
32) Chile 1973 (CIA overthrow Salvador Allende).
33) Libya 1981/1986/1989...2011 (sec XXI)
34) Granada 1983
35) Bolivia 1986
36) Somalia 1992-1994 e 2007
37) Bosnia 1993-1999
38) Croatia 1995
39) Sudan 1998 (USA's airstrikes destroy the biggest pharmaceutical factory of the country)

40) Afghanistan 1998/ 2001-present
41)Iraq 1990-91 in Gulf War and war "anti-terrorism" 2003-2011

42) Georgia 2005-present
43) Djibuti   2005- present
44) Kenya 2005- 
45) Ethiopia 2005-
46) Yemen 2005-
47) Eritrea 2005

USA always in WAR!!!!

No other nation in the whole History invaded so much countries and were implied in so many power schemes world wide! It's really stunning!
USA has the biggest and most powerful army of the world and USA's biggest economy is army and arms trade!
So who's next my fellow americans?

(source: Anti-American Mainfest from Ted Rall)

Traffic of arms in Syria

I read in a (portuguese) magazine the following new:

 "USA is selling, indirectly, arms to Syria, through a contract between the syrian government and Rosoboronexport , a russian enterprise. This was reported by a group of 17 senators that questioned, without receiving any reply, the Secretary of Defense of USA, Leon Panetta, about the subject- matter.
Damascus has been intensifying the arms purchase to all its suppliers, especially the russians.
During the period of 2007 to 2011 the imports of missiles, air defenses, boats, sensors and aeroplanes increased 570% over the years 2002-2007. The rebels too are receiving arming from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and there is a lot of speculation about who had supplied the drones to the regime (Israel)?"

So Syria is going through a bloody civil war with a vil dictator ordering the indiscriminately killing of citizens and brave journalists that dare to go in there and report the situation while the whole world is just watching!
For we have an idea of how awful is the situation in there, even in the hospitals, the injured of bombings that that were supposed to be tretaed are murdered and tortured by the supporters of the regime!
At the same time media shows us that terrifying situation, in the United Nations Organizations, Russian, Iran and China think that there should be no humanitarian intervention (I'm not a great apologist of military interventions but this case serious needs one, people from Syria are being murdered by the tyrannical regime just for disagree and uprise against it) United Nations decided to stand still watching all this blood bath...and what does USA, the country of freedom that protest all the time against dictators and the opressed people?USA sells weapons undercover making a profitable business out of all this innocent blood! I won't be surprised that this new is true (even because senators did not reply) because the biggest economy of USA is the army!
So repugnant and revolting...

sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

Food waste

I just read in a magazine that 30% of all the food produced in the world is never consumed!

The food industry became a huge business, just a business the world is not really interested in stop hunger in the's shameful!

Read: americas-astounding-food-waste

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increasing millionaires...

I just read in a magazine that the number of millionaires has recorded a steady growth during the last few years that is not even slow down by the economical crisis...
The Forbes magazine says too that Brazil creates 19 millionaires each day!

No wonder way, crisis are oportunities...oportunities to make huge money with the tax payers misfortune and run away without even be tried in court because that guys, the great politicians, managers and economists sure know what they're doing...we (the pople) we don't understand anything about economy and how the world works...our purpose is just to pay for the them!

About Brazil we all know it's a very unequal country full of corruption...I would be happy to have read instead of the creation of new 19 millionaires each day something like: "In Brazil at least 9 persons get out poverty!.

quinta-feira, 5 de abril de 2012

The world is ugly (even when it seems wonderful)

I was seeing a documentary in National Geography about lions.
I just can't see wildlife documentaries, it brings me down and I cry all the time I just get divided between the admiration of see how beautiful the wildlife is but in the other hand how savage and cruel life is...there's no peace anywhere, and in wildlife even less!
Why do have animals to kill each other to eat? I mean, I know some have to do it (like lions, bears, reptiles, dolphins, seals and so on),but  it's  just bloodthirsty, evil and wrong!
Everytime I see those documentaries I get depressed.
This documentary was about a single lioness mum mom with 3 lion cubs, she and her family were just expelled from the lions group (I don't know why 'cause I didn't see the documentary from the beggining) and the lion cubs run with their mom for their lives...then they get to a pond, the lion mum and two of of the 3 cubs cross it...but one lion stays behind because he has fear of getting in the water, the little lion's mum and brothers are waiting for him and when the little lion gains enough courage to cross the river...he is eaten by a crocodile! You can't imagine my whimper when I saw that atrocity! I never could imagine this could be possible! It was very sad to see!
Then the lion mum just stays in the other side of the river with her eyes fixed in the infinite and after a few moments leaves the place with the two survivor lions.
The struggle for survival remains tough: the lioness mum has to eat and feed the two little lions but to go hunting she has to leave alone her little lions and it can be dangerous specially because other lions...
There's a particularly heartbroken part: when the lioness mum goes hunting and tries to kill a baby buffalo but then the mum of the baby buffalo fights with the lioness to protect her baby.
It was a heartbreaking scene to watch two mums fighting for the survival of their babies!!! I know it's natural the hunting, but see how those mums fighted for the survival was just not right...the buffalo mum and the lioness mum all they want is their kids to survive but they have to obbey to the law of the food chain!
Then the lioness quits and the baby buffalo gets alive of this but bleeding...and the two little lions stay hungry one more day!
Well I just switched the channel I was sick of seeing that but when I peered I understood there was just one lion kid left and the lioness mum abandoned him (I don't why)...but in the end I think she comes back to her little lion and becomes the leader of the lioness group when the Lion boss dies and lionesses go search her and form a group.
In the end they said that the number of wild lions decreased from 450 000 to 20 000 in only 50 years!!! It's really urgent to save this beautiful creature.

Seeing wildlife documentaries shock me, the last time (before this) I saw one I cried again (a lot), I just remeber a gazelle giving birth to her baby and then the little gazzelle runs happy in the wild...and then is hunted and eaten by a cheetah! Was that all the life of the innocent gazelle? a few moments of happiness and ilusion? WORLD SUCKS! I DON'T LIKE THE WAY IT'S DONE AND PREVIOUSLY DECIDED TO BE!
So I think I'll just stop seeing wildlife documentaries again, it's so shocking: everything is ok and perfect for a while and then you only see huntings and blood...I can't see that, I know this is the shit of world God built for us (if there is a God anyway) but well I just don't agree with how this is made and all this blood batles for surviving affects me...what can I do? I just can't accept that the world is this shit! I really can't! It's sad! 
Does God have a soul or a heart? 'cause I think this is heartbreaking and souless world. 
This ain't a miracle and this is no miraculous life!

The world is ugly...even when it seems wonderful.