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Are muslims terrorists?

The answer of a german muslim scholar when he was asked about terrorism and Islam.
He said:

"Who started the First World War?

Who started the Second World War? Muslims?

Who killed about 20 milion Aborigines in Australia? Muslims?

Who killed more than 100 milion local Indians in North America? Muslims?

Who took about 180 milion African people as slaves and 88% died, and were thrown in Atlantic Ocean? Muslims?

No they weren't muslims!

First of all you have to define terrorism properly.

If a non-Muslim does soemthing bad it's crime. But if a Muslim does the same - he is terrorist!

So remove this double standard, then come to the point!"

I just found this surfing on internet in random comments of the facebook, I thought this made sense. And no I'm not a muslim, I was raised catholic but now I have no religion, I'm agnostic but I would like God to exist and that he would be good...I just wish Him to make people stop the atrocities they cause. Also I respect every religions on the world except when they mistreat animals or people.
But take a look at what History tell us: no muslim country was envolved in the World Wars, no muslim country invaded other country claiming they don't have any moral, no muslim country cared about the way people live in the West even not agreeing with them...they just lived their lives and all the sudden with the thirst for oil the westerns invade their country saying they're there to free them when all they do is destroying that ancient countries, making war refugees and not helping them, they destroy those people's lives and their country and then leave them with no chance or opportunity...ok some of them (few) are accepted as refugees in NATO countries but NATO countries don't really like having refugees living there, some of them, like Norway are nationalists and don't like being "invaded" by who they invaded litereally.
See the case of that norwegian mad guy who killed 77 people? he was raised and born in Norway, he's a norwegian with blonde hair and blue eyes.If someone from abroad like a muslim had done that he would be a terrorist but who's Brehvik then? he's a poor crazy guy with no conscience of this actions? Give me a break!
In Europe, specially in France, Germany and Norway, Denmark and Sweden they want to stop muslims' immigration...well it would help if you get out of NATO and stop destroying those peole's lives and countries so they wouldn't have to move out!
The West made this new War between West and East a few years ago with the September Eleven which some scepticals even doubt if it was bull shit , just an excuse to invade Iraqui...tell me fellows you were so sure about the damn nuclaer weapons were are they? West governments lied to entire world and nothing happened to them!
And more, how to explain September 11? How? USA spends millions in security! And on that day, by coincidence all the planes of army were out on other States doing military exercises!
On the other day I saw a a reporter on TV about Iraq after the war and people who escaped the NATO invasion are refugees now: some of them (few) moved to Australia, Canada, USA, Sweden, UK, Norway and so on but the majority that survived now live illlegaly in nearby countries like Syria...they have nothing on their home and no oportunities in Middle East nearby countries.
There was the case of a muslim family whose teenager daugher even was studying in Baghdad at college, the course of Technologies of Information...yes a muslim girl studying in Baghdad technologies!
Other case was the christians who still living in Baghdad they said that before the invasion everybody respected each other christians and muslims were in peace and even muslims with it each other, now even muslims kill each other because a new division came out between xiitas and sunitas...they said that nothing of this hapenned before and Baghdad was beautiful (do not forget it's an ancient civilization with at least 9000 years) even without americans it's a battlefield between sunitas and xiitas fighting to control the new Iraq...people who left their homes now are afraid to return.
Other case was about a iraqui family in Syria living as illegals, their little daughter cried saying: "I hate americans they destroed our home, they destroed out country, they destroey our lives" and forget it if you think it's something their parents put on that child's's really what they feel. The dad of that child told her it was not americans as a folk that are evil, it's their president who decided to bring war...but I agree with the child: the president said that but who went to war, who killed, who destroeyd? american (and european) soldiers serving NATO...and they are supported by their families and society! And it's shameful!
This imperialistic attitude of the West to teh East was what brought the hate between muslims and between East and West and it was this that mae tallibans and terrorists gain more strength and influence.
I remeber the case of a portuguese journalist who was kidnapped and then abandoned in the desert when they found out he got no influence (rebels didn't killed him!), so he looked for help, he knocked on a door and a muslim family welcomed him, the gave him food and took him to a telephone station and this is how and why he could return to Portugal: the people from there helped that stranger! If it was a iraqi asking for help in a nearby NATO basis most likely they would kill him straight away just because he looked suspicious to them.
So just STOP wars, what is being doing is a media propaganda to demonize muslims, an attempt to justify NATO interventions: a lie!
The Western definition of Terrorism is: "the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes". Well that sounds a lot like the western's political behaviour towards foreign countries..

From the facebook of "America- the roots of terrorism":

Today the international media, specially the western media says:
 "All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim."
But if you go back to the history, you will find 100% falsehood in this statement
For example;
In the history of the world, who killed the maximun humans?
Do you know who he was??? He was a christian. But media never said christains were

 Who killed 20 million human beings including 14.5 million starved to death? "Joseph Stalin
called as Uncle Joe" Was he a Muslim??? NO!!
Who killed 14 to 20 million human beings? "Mao Tse Tsung (China)".Was he a Muslim??? NO!!!

 In Kalinga battle who killed 100 thousand human beings?"Ashoka" Was he a Muslim???

Who has killed millions of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq in the last 10 years? More than half million of them were innocent children!
"George Bush and Barak Obama"Why the world does not call them terrorists???

 Today the majority of non Muslims are afraid by hearing the word
"Jihad". Jihad is an Arabic word which means "To strive" or "To struggle". To strive and struggle against evil and for justice. It does not mean killing innocent people.
The difference is they stand against evil, not with evil.
They are resistence.
Please share this as much as you can."

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