segunda-feira, 9 de abril de 2012

Happy Birthday Gee!

Well this day, 9th April 2012, is the birthday of one of the persons I admire the most: Gerard Way.
He's 35 now, and I never thought that with 35 years old someone could still being funny, young, cool and creative. I always thought my life would be a kind of "live fast die young"but if Gerard could grow old this cool I think I can too.
My favourite band is My Chemical Romance because they have good music and good songs and I picture myself in their songs too. Gerard Way is just one of the most beautiful persons in the outside and inside, when I listened MCR for the first music I knew I was not all alone someone felt the same I did and are revolted and disgusted with the world around.And he certainly could do it in a cool way with explosive music.
Gerard overcome so many bad moments in his life, he was really down and he almost quit living but he had courage to still going on and from all the chaos, failure and sadness his life was made of he formed that most wonderful band with great music. Me too was about to quit and during that time was when I discovered MCR, Gerard sang those kinds of things you feel when you're young like don't fit anywhere with anyone, always being misunderstood, always being a joke for someone (yes I suffered from bullying too) and the rage, revolt and disgust with everything happens that's those kind of things you'll always feel in a lifetime but when you grow older you'll just accept the fact: world sucks and life appears to have no reason, so just live until you die the best way you want to live doing what you want, you're gonna die anyway so it doesn't matter if you wanna rush the time...that day will come wanting or not and faster than you think: "we're all gonna die" and there's no way to understand life.
You certainly need courage to put an end to your life but I think you need even more to keep living!
I think MCR during the three first albuns was a kind of catharsis used from Gerard to get rid of his past ghosts and agony, I think the most precious message is: accept yourself as you are and don't care about the others, being different is cool! I learnt that message very well and now I'm one of the most independent persons I know, I just can't give a damn of what the other's say about me, I'm different and I like it.
MCR and Gerard too made me start listening to rock and indie music and then I found other bands which inspired MCR and I love them now (as Smashing Pumpkins, Smiths and Cure). But still MCR is my favourite band, one of the most great days of my life was when I saw them performing, and I'm still waiting to see them again next time.
Best wishes for Gerard, his life he's and example and an inspiration to me.

Here's my favourite video from MCR:

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