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Bears play with dogs


Ohhh! *_*

A baby fox went blind after a car accident and was found by a kind person with deep injuries on her head...it was saved by the vets then and she's safe now...meanwhile she did new friends with orphan kitties that were found in an empty box!
Now the baby fox is recovering its sight and developed a deep friendship with the kitties!
The kitties are for the adoption and the fox will be rehabilitated before going to its natural habitat!
Animals rock! And kind persons too!

The Pact of Redemption

Ok Germany will you ever stop being imperialistic?
As it wasn't enough all the awful and anti-european things you're doing (like suggest Greece to sell their Islands and Acropolis in order to pay their debt) there's when you can suggest even more stupid things!
They call it humiliatingly: "Covenant of Redemption", their point is make endebted countries as Portugal and Italy with lots of gold to sell to Germany their gold!
Excelent idea! If we sell them our gold that's it !!!there's no other way to finance our own coin again...this means we'll never get our budget sovereignity back!
Euro failed...with europeans like germans there's no other way...let's quit until it's time.
The imperialistic Germany has a new face now and it's in the form of debt!
"There are only two ways to conquer and enslave a nation: one is by the sword, the other is by debt" John Adams

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Stop whaling in Iceland

In Iceland countless critically endangered fin whales are murdered for their meat every single year. It's time to put an end to this slaughter! The whales are killed by an Icelandic whaling company and shipped off to Japan, even though the whale market in Japan is dying. The whaling company has shown no remorse for killing this endangered species, viewing them as an "abundant marine resource." These whales could soon become extinct!
Sign the petition: stop-icelandic-whaling

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Bloody Denmark

Lagarde orders greeks to pay the taxes...but she doesn't pay any taxes at all!

So Mrs Lagarde, the leader of IMF (International Monetary Fund or is it International Misery Fund?) says that greeks are in that situation because they didn't pay the taxes...but this lady doesn't pay anything at all in matter of taxes!
 MIF doesn't pay the taxes, hello? they are the taxes!
So Lagarde receives 372.300 thousand euros per year more the USA president Barack Obama and he pays taxes! So Lagarde receives 31 thousand euros per month...and by the way, in Portugal we pay to TV presenters in our public television, RTP, the same...Portugal is full of filthy parasites...and those are not paying the debt! hello? they are our debt too.
Besides that Lagarde receives 66.640 thousand euros for representation expenses. So she wins about 438.940 thousand euros per year, about 36 780 euros per month...and she doesn't pay taxes!
How can she give moral lessons to the greek people...who are contributing enormously for IMF profits?
But there's more...Lagarde says she's more concerned about poor children in misery in Africa than in Greece...ohhh..IMF is worried about poverty in Africa? let me laugh! MIF in Africa orders that countries to give them a huge % of oil profits to pay the debt more interests to MIF...a small%  is for the country itself...but that money is for corruption...people get nothing!
One thing is sure: wherever MIF is is where misery is!
Europeans wake up! Let's not pay anything to IMF!

Merkel thinks Berlim is in Russia?

This video is going on all around the internet? is this possible? doesn't Merkel knows where the capital of her own country is? -.-
Germany  invaded Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Greece, etc and wanted to invade Russia too...someone make this german dictator using skirts to realize that the german empire didn't realized at all...ah and Europe is not Germany and 2nd World War is over.
Just to mention a comment on Youtube: "Adolf Hitler: "that's my girl"".
Get real!

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Happy McCancer

Do you know what it takes for you to have a "delicious" happy meal in McDonalds?
A lot of suffer from animals and blood!
Here's your happy meal! Enjoy it!
be veggie

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America's thirst of freedom

It's a fact USA proclaims itself as the land of freedom but people are arrested for simple things (like small robberies or being  not allowed to protest in a manifestation) and the bankers and corrupts still out there (same here this part). And in the name of freedom to "free" those countries America with Europe through NATO invade countries, destroy countries, kills innocents and let them die in pain and agony...the point is do the war and get a way to control the tyrants who suits them...on they're thirst of oil...nobody really cares in which conditions those people, whose country was invaded, live or even if they survive.
But there's signs of hope  because hundreds of USA citizens protested a few days ago against the Nato Summit in Chicago (and I have shame our prime minister went...Portugal is in NATO as almost all European countries even Norway who gives the Peace Prizes...a few years ago the award was given to Obama who is another lobby puppet...well given then...).
And some of that protestors were repressed brutally by the police (read: police-brutality)...in the land of freedom police repressing peaceful protestors? something here doesn't match...
One thing is sure: NATO is the biggest Al-Qaeda of all!
So I just want to say one things: that americans rock!
Keep fighting NATO!
Thank you!

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Some persons are so dumb that the only book they must read is the facebook!
[Facepalm, seriously]

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KFC threats to turn rainforests into trash!

NO! This is far away too much intolerable!
KFC is threating to turn the indonesian rainforests into trash...just to make cheap paper to wrap KFC's consumers bloody chicken's thigs, their extra caloric chips and their sugared juices!!!
Boycott KFC and sign the petition of Greenpeace:kfc-secretrecipe
(And turn into a vegetarian would be a great idea too, environment appreciates it, and animals too).
Sumatras tigers, orangutans and other wild animals are in severe danger...will we let all biodiversity to be destroyed just to wrap our junk food to get fat and sick and die of grease related diseases?
We all through Greenpeace put an end to Mattel who was devastating rainforests to  wrap plastic dolls in cheap paper (read:succes-mattel-drops-rainforest), we could make Nestlé stop to do deforestation too and now they're an eco-friendly company (read:Kitkat killer).
So we sure can do it again!

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Signals of fascism in Europe

First signal is repression amongst manifestants, it happened in Portugal and Spain and now in Frankfurt, Germany! Now for you to manifest you have to be authorized...and your manifestation just will be accepted if they wanted to.
This weekend was the case of manifestants anticapitalists, the name of the collective is "Blockupy Frankfurt"  that appealed to a manifestattion to halt the activities of the banks, including the European Central Bank and yesterday thousands of people challenged the police prohibition and went to the streets to manifest so police just arrested 400 of them but without using violence. The reason? the manifestation hasn't been authorized!
Now we need authorization to manifest, speak, give our opinion and make reunions discussing global issues?
Wake Europe this way we're going to is not good at all!
As Mikis Theodorákis, greek politician said:
"If the people from Europe don't uprise, the banks will bring back the fascism".
And europeans can't let this happen, we can't let the european dream to be destroyed by greed and nationalisms!

Timor: 10 years of independence

Before the withdrawal of Portugal in 1974, people from Timor were victims of the indonesian onslaught during 24 years claiming and fighting for their independence that the international comunity insisted in ignore. But in 1999 an historical moment took place: there was a referendum to chose if Timor people wanted to be independent or attached by Indonesia. Timor people were victims of indonesian militias that tried to discourage people to vote using the force of weapons and violence making them fear for their lives, but on that day Timor people faced the fear and almost everyone voted. The result was clear: 78% wanted independence! [Of course! what were indonesian thinking? how could Timor people wanted to be indonesian after all they did to them?].But indonesians did not respect their will and invaded Timor killing and torturing people from Timor that dared to fight for their independence withou giving up. The independence finally came in 2002 when the International Comunity gather forces and took a stand for Timor people right to be independent as they always wished for.
Now Timor is the youngest country of the world and after this 10 years Timor is in a paradoxal situation: Timor is an extreme poor country but has a luxurious bank account. The reason is the oil extracted in Timor.
If a couple of years ago Timor's Petroleum fund had 205 million dollars, today they got more than 9 thousand million dollars, this is, 45 more times! However at least half of Timor's population still living below the poverty line!
It's because this Petroleum Fund is a shielded: a minimum of 90% of the oil profits has to be invested exclusively in financial instruments as debt titles expressed in US dollars classified by US American Rating Agencies like Moody's or Standard&Poors and the debt titles must be issued or guaranteed by the World Bank or a qualified State, let me guess...USA? In other words, a minimum of 90% of Timor's oil profits directly goes to the speculative markets instead of being used to give Timor's people the quality of life they deserve and it's her right to have and so that money is administrated and controlled by the american financial imperialism with the imposition of the dollar standard and the rating agencies dictatorship who are so good so good that evalueted as a good investment a bank that bakrrupted next day making the investors lost all their money...but that investors (or speculators as I rather call), do not use their money, they use bank's money, like everyone has money on the bank people lost their savings. Nice work! Well done! Now let me ask what rating agencies won doing this 'cause I'm pretty sure they did this high evalutation on purpose...speculation can make some people very rich and other's poor...but who got poor on USA in 2008 were humble and hard working people who just had their money on the banks, they did no bets on the Big Casino of the Economy...but someone did with their money...too bad for them, someone got richer on the other side.
So getting back to Timor, of the 10% oil profits left only a miserable 3% can be transferred to Timor's State Budget and then maybe used for the Timor State use to improve their country and people's lives... and in case Timor wants more money has to give a detailed explanation why to those big capitalists of the Financial Market why they want more money (that is their rightfully money)...and the capitalists accept it if they want to and deny it if they want to.
Why? Why they need money? what about giving to Timor's peoples a decent an human life? the access to free education and health care of quality? the development of infrastructures and industries to build a strong economy...it's because besides oil Timor doesn't produce anything else! Why? Why only in Norway or Sweden who are only rich because of oil, people can have a decent life and an equal wealth distribuition amongst the citizens? why other's countries who also have oil have their population living in the most undignified misery?
So now who comes to Dili, 10 years before, sees that almost nothing changed and outside of Dili it's even worst!
To end, about the controversy surrounding the choice of the portuguese as Timor's official language the new president Taur Matan Ruak says that : "The portuguese is part of our identity , strange was we choose indonesian or the english from the australians. The portuguese came here to stay!".
Timor and Portugal have a deep love story and during the indonesian invasion portuguese people always supported the Timor's independence and never forget them...decades before the independence finally came, now it's needed to give to people from Timor the quality of life they deserve and have ways to get it: Timor is a rich country, next challenge is face the Financial Terrorism Speculative Market: Timor's oil's profits belongs to Timor's people!
Congratulations Timor, Portugal loves you!

Bloodstained Jubillee

So what the Queen of England is having a mega party to celebrate her Jubilee: isn't such a jubilation? It's for because of her 60 years on the throne! She did so many good things for the world, now, particularly on this moment nothing comes to my mind, but sure she did, otherwise how could people love this lady?
So the Queen  invited her friends from all the monarchies: there were just more three queens (from Denmark, Netherlands and Morocco), the Duke of Luxembourg, the Prince of Monaco (is that an offshore island?) and Prince of Lichenstein, and then all the Kings: from Greece(?), Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Yougoslavia, the Emperor of Japan was there too (so Japan has an empire, han?) and invited too other exotic kings from Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Tonga, Thailand...and the genocidal and polygamous Kings from Bharein and Swaziland...
The Kings from Bahrein and Suaziland apply dictatorial monarchies on their countries where their folk is severely opressed and repressed and they spend ostensibility people's money which live in misery. In Bahrein and Suaziland activists from pro-democracy are tortured and murdered. The people from Swaziland are so poor that they even eat cow dung in despair to fill their stocmach...while the King lives on the lap of luxury.
So it seems like a nice gests to a Queen's party!
So of course there were protestors outraged with this and the Swazi exiles group Swazi Vigil and other britishs protestors, but they love the Queen so badly that they didn't went to protest in front of the Windsor Palace where the party took place for not ruin Queen's party, so instead they protested in front of the hotel were the genocidal King from Suaziland was hosted! So much consideration for the Queen...which had none for them!
The british activist Peter Tatchell said that: "Inviting tyrants bloodstained shames our monarchy [I beg your pardon but your monarchy is a shame, didn't you realized that yet? wake up!-.-]. Including tyrant Kings on the Queen's guestlist is a shocking mistake [mistake? you mean the Queen or somebody closed to the Queen invited that guys but it was a mistake they didn't knew who they were inviting?] and an insult to all the pro-democracy activists and political prisioners of this monarchical totalitarian regimes."
The Buckingham Palace just said that the invitations were approved for the Foreign Office and told the newspaper Guardian that only provided logistical support and coordination assistance and that the invitations were made personally by the Queen (your Queen is evil don't you get it?).
So the British Queen wanted genocidals on her party, what's the big deal?
The only party breaker was Queen from Spain which did not attended the big event in a way to protests for Gibraltar, a rock in south Spain that Great Britain says to belong to them (and people from Gibraltar say they want to be british not spaniards...it doesn't surprise me at all, most part of Gibraltar population might be wealthy british that have their summer house in there and go there once in a while to catch some sun) the King of Spain couldn't attend at all even if he wanted because he is recovering from his Hunting trip to Africa
 to kill elephants!!! (son o a bitch you should have died there!).
And by the way, british claim that Falkland islands in south hemisphere, 500 km from Argetina is their territory...this islands are particulary appealing to Britain since they use them to be allowed to explore oil on the Argentina's coastline...
Well I think monarchies are an unbearable anachronism, a symbol of opulence and injustice, they're a useleess waste of public money, they're ridiculous characters with no personality and opinion that rule whole their lives with silly protocols and stewardships...deep down they're sad and I feel sorry for their lives.
Monarchies, even Constitutional Monarchies as the europeans, to me to, not fully match with real democracy because in democracy people can chose their representants...in the case of Kings and Queens it will be a family business and the State has to feed them until they die...they're useless to society and it's sad but well most people like having a monarchy and although I don't see the point of course I respect it.
But from all european monarhcies the British Monarchy is far too much unbearable!

Read: Guardian

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Faith in humanity? Restored! [2]

This is an historic moment: more than a thousand italiens invaded a "breeding factory" of Beagle dogs that are used in animal tests in laboratories.
This happened in 28 April 2012 and shows that italien people do not tolerate this kind of atrocities against animals in their country!
Animal tests don't take place anymore and we must put an end to that horryfying practice!
And Europe is making real progresses on that!
The enterprise that breeds the Beagle dogs is a multinational named Green Hill that creates laboratorie's animals to be used all over the world in the most torturing practices enclosed in dark cages in laboratories.
The crowd were on the streets screaming against Green Hill and when they got in front of the Horror Factory they didn't stop: people just ignored all the warning signs of private property and climbed the fences and cut the barbed wire. And little by littlle the baby dogs, their moms and bigger dogs were passing from hand in hand to a new life away from the horrors of testing laboratories. People runned embracing the animals while the police was trying to disperse the crowd.
As the result, at the end of the day, 12 persons were arrested and more than 40 beagle dogs were safe.
It is estimated that there are more than 2 500 beagle dogs in the Green Hill entreprise but this action clearly shows that italiens will not allow the presence of such evil entreprise in their beloved country.
We're on our way to call our society as really human.As Gandhi said: "the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way which its animals are treated.".
Faith in humanity? Restored!

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The story of Xelim

Take a look at this shocking picture above: it's of a horse called Xelim that was hit by a furious bull during a bullfight show!
Bullfights shows don't respect animal's rights: none of the animals envolved, the bulls and the horses.
Horses get in panic running away from the furious bulls and bulls bleed to death in the middle of the arena suffering with each sharp edge that penetrates their sensitive skin.
Bullfights are a decadent and horrifying show but amuse lots of people...and the persons who get amused seeing this torture shows are sick and idiot!
Bullfights should be illegal and people should refuse to attend this events.
Sometimes even the torturers like bullfighters realize the atrocities they do and give up doing this as the case of Alvaro Munera ex-bullfighetr that became an animal activist and now is against bullfights!
This way would you care?

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Faith in humanity? Restored! [1]

"This incredible photo marks the end of Matador Torero Alvaro Munera's career. The colombian ex-bullfighter collapsed in remorse mid-fight when he realized he was having to prompt this otherwise gentle beast to fight. He went on to become an avid opponent of bullfights. (The look on this bull's face says it all for me. Even grievously wounded by picadors, he did not attack this man.)
Torrero Munera is quoted as saying of this moment: "And suddenly, I looked at the bull. He had this innocence that all animals have in their eyes, and he looked at me with this pleading. It was like a cry for justice, deep down inside of me. I describe it as being like a prayer - because if one confesses, it is hoped, that one is forgiven. I felt like the worst shit on earth."
"Cows are amongst the gentlest of breathing creatures; none show more passionate tenderness to their young when deprived of them; and, in short, I am not ashamed to profess a deep love for these quiet creatures." - Thomas de Quincey"
By: Carolyn Mabry

Faith in Humanity?Restored!

Read the interview with Alvaro Munera here

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17th May

After my boring and useless classes at college today I went to a coffee house and then I did a little walk in Lisbon's streets on another sunny and warm day. So that's when I see a group of blonde and tall people with a leader raising a norwegian flag.First I thought: "this might be a a norwegian guide" ('cause when I went to Copenhagen there was a guide with an italien flag leading italien people) and I was about talking to them in norwegian (I had norwegian-classes) but then I thought "this seems too goofy and people must be scared hearing me and I even can say something wrong", so I didn't...but then I thought "What day is this? 17th May!". Yes it's 17th May, it's Norwegian's National Day! That's why that group was exhibiting a norwegian flag! So they were celebrating their national day even being in Lisbon...but I thought besides the nordic nobody understood why they were doing that and even I took some time to realize it!
So a year ago I was even more a bigger admirer of nordic countries (my favourite is Denmark and then Norway) so I wrote a post about that day it's the post congratulations-norway and it was the most readen post on my blogue with more than 2000 accessions! I even thought in deleting because it was not my idea to have so many visitors because of that and I almost don't say nothing in that post! Anyway maybe it's because of the bunad's pictures or fjord picture of the post which I "stole" from the internet as the majoity of the pictures here.
Norway and other nordic countries as Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden are very well developed countries and an example of how a society should be in terms of equality but let's not forget they were extreme poor countries a couple of years ago and nordic population even died of hunger and now they're rich and if they're rich is mostly because of oil that they export and avoid to use on their countries investing in renewable energies.
I really would love to go to Norway because it's a country with preserved and estimated nature and people ride bikes too as in Denmark and I think it's lovely but taking advantage on this day I want to make and advice to norwegian people: show yourselves how developed and nature lovers you are and STOP hunting whales! Really it's shameless!
It's hard to believe but in Iceland they're hunting whales to sell meat to Japan and norwegian and japanese fishermen hunt whales to make meat! And then they write in the boats "hunting for scientifical proposes!". Making fool out of us! The rest of the world quited the whale hunting, even in Azores, Portugal where it was a bloody tradition! Time to move on, hunting whales is wickedness! My norwegian teacher says in supermarkets it's sold whale meat. Viking's Era is over so stop hunting and eating whales, ok?
The day of 17th May is a symbol of norwegian pride but it shouldn't be very exacerbated because extreme nationalism never leads to good things.
So congratulations Norway! ;)

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Guinness world records approves: biggest wave ever surfed is portuguese

Beach of Nazaré, Portugal

The Guinnes World Records recognizes that the biggest wave ever surfed is that one the hawaian Garret McNamara surfed in Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal, the height of the wave was 23,77 metres and exceeded the record before of Mike Parson that surfed a wave with 23, 47 metres in California.
Nazaré is located above an underwater canyon that is the world's biggest wave generator.
I told ya, if you wanna surf in Europe come to Portugal...and there's no sharks here!
(check it out in abcnews and inbbc.uk)

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The disgusting continent

There's a new continent floating over the Pacific Ocean, it's the 7th continent now and it's made of rubbish specially of plastic waste. It's located somewhere in the middle of California and Japan and it's even called the "Pacific Island of Garbage" that has incredible terrifying dimensions. It's calculated that that island occupies between 1,7 and 3,4 million square metres..which means an area of 18 to 37 times bigger than Portugal!!!
The french explorer Patrick Deixonne lead an expediction to that island of rubbish at 2 May 2012 to alert the whole world for the danger of the massive production of waste and its disposal are causing in the marine ecosystems.

Awesome site with cartoons

Click here: Express cartoons to see awesome political cartoons.
Hilarious and smart! =)

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Bloody Denmark

It's a tradition in Islands Faroé, Denmark, to hunt and kill whales and dolphins as a tradition that represents the initiation of adult life of the younger danish men.
Nobody misses the usual bloody celebration for not miss the 'fun' and 'thrill' of it. Everybody participates in this bloody massacre wheter killing, whether seeing, wheter supporting it as a spectator (some people even scream motivation words to the young killers).

It's important to mention that the dolphin Calderon, as almost all other species of dolphins, get closer to the men in a a friendly gesture!
The innocent dolphins don't die instantaneously, they are penetrated repeatedly with sharp hooks and in these moments dolphins emite sounds very similar to those of a human baby crying!
They suffer a lot and there is no compassion while the sweet being slowly bleeds to death and sufers with their tremendous wounds struggling to death in their own blood that tinge of red the waters.
Finally this'heroes' of the island, as what they're called, are considered adults now...they have demonstated their their 'maturity'!

Denmark is a nordic country that is said to be very evoluted but still have anachronistic practices that are called tradition.
I've been in Denmark and thought about moving there (I have serious doubts now but not just because of this), I love Denmark and this year I might go back to attend a danish course. Danish people have a environmental conscience so they use bikes instead of cars, they recycle and invest in green energies...so this is a paradox: killing whales and dolphins for fun as a tradition to initiate the adult life of the teenagers!?
Nordic countries are said to be very developed, maybe, because with the money of the oil they invested and distributed the wealth with the people, but they are not that so developed let me disagree: fisrt of all they are a very closed society to the outer world (not Denmark but more Norway and Filnland), then they are extreme nationalists, they don't look very nice people (not them all but some seem very grumpy) and then Norway hunts whale and sells it on supermarkets, and people eat it, nordic people eat seal meat too and a traditional dish from Finland is...bear meat!
They are descendents from the vikings so no wonder why they might have this barbaric behaviour sometimes (one thing is sure vikings don't like strangers, so do the nordics, they don't really like immigrants).
So what kind of europeans are this people?STOP THIS!

quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2012

Euro zone or german zone?

"The unrealistic germanic intransigence threats to lead Europe to the chaos!
Germany proposed (and imposes) a prescription of austerity at all cost that starts being offensive by the contrast between the germanic situation and the european periphery!
While Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Spain and Italy pay high interest rates for their debts, Germany has become a beneficiary of the uneasiness amongst other europeans. Right now the germanic interest rate for ten years is about 1,7% since the forecats of  inflation rate of the Euro Zone is about 2,4% this means that Germany has become a economy of refuge where the wealthy people from the endebted countries trannsfer their money from their national banks to put them at safe in Germany with a negative tax rate! This is not about investment but protection.
Germany gains with the panic that their  «monetarism»that helps spreading.
 And euro continues helping Germany mantaining their high trade surpluses that can be used to acquire assets in the struggling economies at bargain basement prices. While people from the peripheral countries see their incomes getting lower and lower  and the unemployment rising, in Germany, the worker unions negotiate wage increases of 6%...
The germanic solution for the crisis only will intensify the abyssal diferences in competitiveness between  european nations leading to a irreconciable conflict between creditor and debtor countries! So this could be the time of the german redemption saving Europe with a benevolent hegemony but it seems that, once again, Berlin left alone on their own will throw it all away."

(I translated this from a portuguese magazine called Visão 999 it was written, and very well written, by sir Viriato Marques) 

"If the Euro zone collapses, this will be the third time in a century that Europe commits suicide, with Germany on the command post" Viriato Marques

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20 000 visits!

I just checked that I exceeded the 20 000 visitors in my blogue!
Thank you readers! (Although i don't know if I have regular readers or not).
I love having visitors and comments too even those who disagree with what I write: all comments are welcome!
Everyone is welcome!
I write this blogue because I like to write (and I've been improving my english because of that but the stuffs I write must have mistakes, feel free to correct me too it would be helpful) but most of all I write this for people to read it, it's for them doesn't matter who they are or where they are from.
I have a succeeded blogue in portuguese (I'm portuguese by the way) but there were some things I would like to share with all the world so I started this blogue for more global issues to share with the whole world, my portuguese blogue is more about national issues in Portugal. Anyway I quite can't really define what is this blogue about, I don't speak about a particular issue it's all about what comes to my mind and sometimes I write about my life too and unburden and I can feel better after doing that, it's silly I know! Anyway my life is quite boring (really boring) so I speak about global issues.
I talk about of animals, nature and environment...I put here some petitions for people to sign but I don't want to be a slaccktivist! Anyway I just inform about what I think people should know (and some issues you won't find on regular media) and sometimes petitions make a change, but the biggest change comes inside of us!
Well I speak about economy and policy, I'm anti-war and anti-NATO, I belive in peace and that people can change (although they can break my heart with such madness...but I have to count with the good ones and they're my hope!). So although you can read some things that might look like anti-american, or even anti-german it's not true...I really don't want people to think like that (although you might think) but really some things are just really difficult to accept from those countries' behaviour! But if you look really close I criticize too Portugal, Canada, Europe, Brazil...you name it! I criticize what it's been doing wrong...no place on Earth is perfect it's only left to me to believe people can change for better.
But hey, I know how to write nice stuff too!
So it's not that I don't like americans it's just I really think they should change and I hope they do! 
So checking my blogue I found out that the country who visits my blogue the most is USA (and how come I never got a negative message from them? really, negative comments are welcome too, bring it on!), on the second place Portugal, 3rd place UK; 4th place Brazil, 5th place India, 6th place Canada, 7th place Germany (!!), 8th place France, 9th place Russia, 10th Australia.
And on the top of searched words is Norway (!?), fat american, santa claus, bunad, world wide web, leave me alone, stupid (LOL? stupid?), le voyage dans la lune and george melies.
One more thing almost all the pictures from my blogue were taken from the internet so if some of them is yours and you don't want them here tell me I'll take them off. But the majority of pictures on the right side about Portugal were taken by me.
So thank you all for your visits don't matter who you are or come from you're all welcome! And as far I'm getting visits I'll manage a way to have a time to write here more stuff.
Thank you!

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Elections in Greece 2012 and its repercussion in Europe

greek's answer: fuck you Germany!

Greeks had enough of austerity and the lies of the two political parties who have been ruined their country for decades, they had enough of their lies, they had enough of humiliation from the germans (who even suggested greeks to sell them their islands, and their acropolis read it indailymail and the telegraph), enough of suicides because of the crisis, enough of imposed misery so just swept the two parties that agreed with the implemention of austerity.
This is too a message to Germany: screw you! But greeks seem to want to remain in Europe Union and having the Euro...we just need another Europe to do it!
Greek people used the power of their vote to get their revenge on the two political parties that during more than 30 years since the military dictatorship contributed to the calamitous state Greece is in...it's undestandable, who would vote on them again?
But of the 9,9 registered electors only 34,91% voted...an historical record of abstention!
Anyway greeks lead to a voter revolution which consequences are yet to ascertain.They are even under the risk o having to repeat the elections since there is no governable conditions.
So the winner of the greek elections was the left handed political party Syriza which is the 2nd political power now, they propose "We won't pay!" also they propose the immediate cancelation of all austerity mesaures that impoverish the greek folk and don't respect their labour righsts, they propse also an investigation to the banks and the publication of the audit to the banking sector.
But the greek's elections brought too to the parliament two political parties of xenophobic nature like the "independent greeks" and the neonazies "golden dawn", which priority is to make the lives of the immigrants in Greece a living hell, put mines next to the border with Turkey and take the right of vote and stop the access to public positions from all that even borned in Greece are not greek's sons! The slogna of the "golden dawn" party is, inclusively, "let's get this land rid of fouls", or something like that...
In Germany too it's being sent invitations to german descendents to return to Germany...
It's so ironic that a greek party that promisses to break with the dictates of of ECB (european central bank), IMF(international monetary fund), EC (european comission) that imposes the german interests is the same that is an afiliate of this german ideology that we thought that was extinct before all the war horrors that happened 7 decades ago...
Unfortunatelly, the radical extremist right-handed parties are a rising political force all over the Europe, from France (where Le Penns and Sarkozy defended that there was "too many immigrants" and kick off gipsies and are clearly anti muslim immigrations), from Greece now, until the nordic countries which always had the fame of being extreme nationalists and don't like  "mixtures"...in all nordic countries right-handed parties are rising: Finland has an anti-immigration assumed policy and the party "true finnish" was elected, Denmark, Sweden Norway the same!
But the rising of radical righ-handed parties is something Mikis Theodorákis have been warning us: 

"If the people from Europe don't uprise, the banks will bring back the fascism" 

A new Europe is needed now! Europeans rise up we must avoid this tragedy!

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C'est fini, Sarkozy!

François Hollande is new president of France and if he complies with what he said during his campaign this can be a relief for Europe asphyxiated in austerity under the absurd logic in which Germany put all Europe imposing (to the others) austerity up on austerity leaving the other's economies exhausted and this is applied to all not just for Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy but even the traditional rich countries as Austria and Netherlands.
And thinking that Sarkozy said that Hollande will bankrupt France when he, himself, did the most outrageous expenses with the french people's money! (read:Sarkozy the big spender).
So now the anti-immigration defender Nicolas Sarkozy is just an hungarian descendent, married with an italien descendent woman living in France...
Let's just hope that France do not stop under Germany for their own good and for the good of Europe.
Adieu Merkozy, Europe turned the page!

domingo, 6 de maio de 2012

Happy mother's day

Not only humans feel love for their offspring. All animals care very well of their babies and are willing to give their lives to protect them. People sure have a lot to learn from those beautiful, kind and gentle creatures called animals. They can love much more than people.
Happy mother's day to all!

AMAZON: an icon we can't live without

Communication from Greenpeace:
"Following years of intense pressure from the agribusiness sector, Brazil's parliament approved sweeping changes to the country's forest protection law yesterday that spell destruction for the Amazon rainforest.
 President Dilma has two weeks now to veto this hatchet job before it becomes the law. All eyes are on her now.
The changes to the Forest Code voted on Wednesday evening severely weaken protections for the Amazon rainforest and open up vast areas to destruction, which would contribute to carbon emissions and climate change. It leaves forest communities and Amazon wildlife even more at risk from the very interests which have already destroyed 18 percent of the Amazon rainforest."
click here and tell Dilma: save Amazon, veto the new Forest Code
Communication from Avaaz:
The Amazon is in serious danger. The lower house of the Brazilian congress has approved a gutting of Brazil’s forest protection laws. Unless we act now, vast tracts of our planet’s lungs could be opened up to clear-cutting devastation.
The move has sparked widespread anger and protests across the country. And tension is rising - in the last few weeks, several prominent environmental advocates have been murdered, purportedly by armed thugs hired by illegal loggers. The timing is critical, they’re trying to silence criticism just as the law is discussed in the Senate. But President Dilma can veto the changes, if we can persuade her to overcome political pressure and step onto the global stage as a leader.
79% of Brazilians support Dilma's veto of the forest law changes, but their voices are being challenged by logger lobbies. It’s now up to all of us to raise the stakes and make Amazon protection a global issue. Let’s come together now in a giant call to stop the murders and illegal logging, and save the Amazon. Sign the petition below -- it’ll be delivered to Dilma when we reach 500,000 signers:
People love Brazil! The sun, the music, the dancing, the football, the nature - it’s a country that inspires millions around the world. This is why Brazil is hosting the next World Cup, why Rio has the 2016 Olympics and next year’s Earth Summit, a meeting to stop the slow death of our planet.
Our love is not misplaced -- the Amazon Is vital to life on earth - 20% of our oxygen and 60% of our freshwater comes from this magnificent rainforest. That’s why it’s so crucial that we all protect it.
But Brazil is also a rapidly developing country, battling to lift tens of millions out of poverty, and the pressure to clear-cut and mine for profit on its political leaders is intense. This is why they’re dangerously close to buckling on environmental protections. Local activists are being murdered, intimidated and silenced, it’s up to Avaaz members across the world to stand with Brazilians and urge Brazil’s politicians to be strong.
Many of us have seen in our own countries how growth often comes at the expense of our natural heritage, our waters and air get polluted, our forests die.
For Brazil, there is an alternative. Dilma’s predecessor massively reduced deforestation and cemented the country’s international reputation as an environmental leader, while also enjoying huge economic growth. Let’s come together now, and urge Dilma to follow in those footsteps!
In the last 3 years, Brazilian Avaaz members have taken massive leaps towards the world we all want: They won landmark anti-corruption legislation, and have lobbied their government to play a leadership role at the UN, protect human rights and intervene to support democracy in the Middle East, and help protect human rights in Africa and beyond.
Now, as brave Brazilian activists are being killed for protecting a critical global resource, let’s come together, and build an international movement to save the Amazon and herald Brazil as a true international leader once more!

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Stop the trade of dog meat in Thailand!

Eating dog meat is widely regarded as uncivilized but asians are fucked up persons (not them all of course) who like to eat (is not just a matter of need, they rally like it) as much as disgusting things they find (from cats, to dogs, to scorpions, to snakes you anme it). Yes I've heard on TV chineses people living in Portugal that admitted that in China eating dog is like in Portugal eating goatling! I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat animals but eating dogs and cats? they're people's best friends! Their pets!
So I never go to any chinese, japanese or other asian restaurant (except indian restaurant that have vegetarian options). And people I know that love chinese food go in there and ask for grilled chicken and in the end they said "well I ate it but that was not chicken!". It was discovered even in Portugal that chineses kill stray cats and dogs and then whern I ask people "do you know what you're eating there?", they say "No I don't wanna know!", so what the hell? you can be eating dog or cat and you don't wanna know!!!!??
About the dogs that will be cooked and eaten in Vietname it shouldn't surprise us in asian countries like China, Vietname, Thailand it's committed the most outrageous cruel acts against animals (for example the tradition of cutting in two a pork with the most shocking violence you could ever imagine...and just for the fun of it).
In Thailand, northeastern smugglers Tae Rae export an estimated 30,000 strays to Vietnam every month, at a price of $10 per head. In Vietnam, grilled dog meat sells for three times the price of pork.
Stray dogs are corralled daily and crammed into wire cages before being smuggled through illegal river borders. Though most are exported to Vietnam, a minority are butchered and sold as "meat" in Thai open markets. Local residents complain about the disgusting practice. According to Wit, the boss of a dog collecting crew, "We have to pay the police to leave us alone."
Exporting strays for the dog meat trade or selling dog meat in local markets is cruel, illegal and disturbing to most Thailand residents. Please sign the petition to encourage Tae Rae authorities to crack down on the dog meat trade.
And thinking that dogs were domesticated tens of thousands of years ago in Asia...
I don't know what this image is but it looks like rescued dogs.
How can not exist a single spark of kindness in some people's hearts?

Canada: stop seal hunting once and for all!

Well Canada I thought we had solve this and seals were left alone in peace by now but that didn't happened because it's a traditional sport there killing harmless seals even knowing that the seal fur and other seal's products are now banned in EU, USA and Russia.
 It's no wonder the United States, European Union and Russia have all banned seal's products: the seal pelts from Canada come from baby seals who have been brutally clubbed, just for their fur.
 Canada's commercial seal hunt just doesn't make sense anymore. The price of a seal pelt has dropped 80 percent in the last six years. The hunt isn't economically viable because people don't want these products.
But yet ,the Canadian government is still subsidizing the industry so 400 000 baby seals can be killed every year!!!

On top of that, the government is planning to fight the EU's ban of seal products in the World Trade Organization.
 It's ridiculous that Canada is putting such an incredible amount of money and effort into killing seals. We need to stand up for these defenseless animals.
And by the number of signatures (62 000) that already exceeded the goal of 50 000 we can say that people want to put an end to this slaughter once and for all (but maybe not for bloody minded celebreties like Beyoncé).
So sign the petition clicking in: thepetitionsite

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European (dis)union

Europe was born of the will to establish the peace in all european countries after the horrors of the War and imbued with the spirit of harmony and solidarity the hammers of war were buried and the borders were abolished.
"NEVERMORE" is what slabs all around Germany say to remember the Germany itself of the horrors that they caused with the two world wars that ravaged Europe. It looks like they seem to have a bit shame on their austere and arrogant face...but then? what's this? what are Germany doing to Europe again? There's nothing more outrageous than german suggested Greece sell their islands and Acropolis and they did it! Seems like they're waking up ghosts of the past and more severe than this they seem to be doing this consciously and german folk approves the way they're dealing with this crisis issue.
So who rules Europe now is Germany and that my friends it's a huge mistake that never should be repeated again: germans can't control their will of domain...I don't know it must be in their blood!
60 years after the horrors of the War there we see Germany again: replacing democracies for technocracies (like they did in Greece and Italy recently) and at the same time doing blackmail with other's european countrie's debts and doing a great deal with their sovereignity debts through ECB (European CEntral Bank) and with Euro coin. The same Germany that ravaged Europe whose astronomical debts were forgiven and the same Germany europeans thought we could build the land of peace, harmony and solidarity of its name: Europe (word that derivades etymologically of the greek language). And recently we've been warned by Merkell and Sarkozy that a war could occur if Euro falls!
In the new european perspective the european countries would be each other's friends, contributing to the general welfare of its citizens, but as even the Economy Nobel Prize Paul Krugman said recently Europe of 27 is very assymmetric with lots of inequalities between its states ...in fact its brutal the difference between the european salaries and the homogeneous prices maintained in the Euro zone.
So, what really happened? Europe walked to the imbalance and further accentuated differences between its countries...and even more onerous, countries started competing with each other with ones growing at the expense of the others...in particular the exemplary Germany.
It's sad to admit but this is a matter of facts: Germany is destroying Europe again, this way through debt since they couldn't do it through war!
After all what is Europe: an union or a disunion? 
Europe is being attacked by speculative markets, north-americans rating agencies at the service of the american lobby, USA has interest in the end of Euro and Europe is allowing its destruction without being united and fighting against this evil attacks!
If this stays like this what will happen? Maybe they will get rid o the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain), then the north-european euroceptics will abandon the Euro and the European Project too...and Germany will end alone...again.
It's up to Europe to decide if we're going to be united or if we're gonna split again but this time probably to never get along together further more.
Selfishness will lead us to a wrong diection if we don't stay together and help each other now it will be Europe death sentence and never again nobody we will dare to unit us again.
It's to europeans to choose now!
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sábado, 5 de maio de 2012

The future of Greece belongs to the greeks

FMI[portuguese]=MIF[english]=Monetary International Fund this funny charicature is relative to the  story:  Trojan Horse
So tomorrow there will be elections in Greece (and France too), it's a great oportunity for Europe to change its course that is not getting nowhere: austerity isn't the solution, austerity is suicide and a tool used to bankers and speculators make huge amount of cash with crisis and people's misery.
It's of the publc domain that crises are a great way to restribute wealth that no capitalist could ever refuse and the economist's forecasts have as their objective to fail because if they're always right no one would ruined and no one would get rich(er)...this is the speculative mechanism and crisis and speculation go hand in hand.
Greece is the main responsable for their situation (like Portugal), they lived with money they hadn't and built a huge State to employ lots of greeks (some of them that almost didn't work at all) and for yeas it's true they hided their accounts. In summary: they cheated! True! But this is no way to treat people! And I don't agree with how Europe is dealing with this specially Germany that has been growing indebting other european nations: since the 4 submarine sold to Greece to the 2 sold to Portugal, to the fact 75% german exports are for other european nations, that EU limits europeans's weak economies production or the great business European Central bank is doing with european's sovereign debts...
Europe is following a path of austerity and more and more nations are being attacked and governments are falling (the last was Nederland which said this crisis problem was due to the lazy south people too...and now they can't apply the austerity measures and control their deficit too...). About Germany it is one of the biggest defaulters of the History whose two world wars that devasted Europe were forgiven! What's the german morality to make greeks pay until the last drop of blood?
 What is been happening is not dignified of a European Union that should be conducted by the spirit of solidarity, mutual aid and dialogue.
I really hope Europe change its path and we all get back being a united family (have we ever been anyway?).
Greece has already lost their budget sovereignity, they've been humiliated and germans even suggested them to  sell their islands in order to pay the debt!!! And to sell their  Acropolis too!
People talk about Greece and Portugal to quit Euro but what I think is that who should quit Euro is Germany that is destroying the Euro project and the European project too!
Greek people are desperate, the suicides are rising, the number of homeless people are growing each day, what remained of greece's economy is being destroyed ...so now it's up to the greeks if they want more austerity measures and stay being ruled for germans or if they want to stop this suicidal path and try something new: FREEDOM!
Good luck for tomorrow, greeks chose well!
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sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2012

Falkland Islands: a UK's overseas territory?

Do you know where Falkland Islands are situated? I spare your time, it's pertinent to put here the image of it, the islands are represented in the red circle:
And the nearby country is Argentina.
However Falkland Islands belong to United Kingdom, an overseas territory of UK in the southern hemisphere.
The distance between UK and Flakland Islands is abyssal: 12 800 km and between Falkland Islands and Argentina is just 550 km.
The islands were discovered by spanish or british sailors (they both claim it) but the british in fact always stayed in the island claiming it belonged to them.
A few years ago, just 30 years ago(!!!) there was a War between UK and Argentina because of the possession of the islands: Argentina lost the war and UK officially took them as their territory, nevertheless (and with reason) people from Argentina continue claiming that islands belong to them.
Well it's particularly profitable for UK to have those islands under their domain because they started extracting oil in that seas which clearly violates the Argentina's territory.
However UK ignores Argentina and continues extracting oil for BP company (British Petroleum=BP) and doing militar exercises there (it can be a warning to Argentina? like don't mess up with us?). Inclusively, the older brat, the british's beloved older prince William went there a few weeks ago to do a bit of military work out...how lame!
Well this is such an anachronisms in the XXI century UK see just not to realize that having overseas territories don't make sense anymore...and they're proud, oh so proud of being british to belong to the Great Britan, a great piece of nothing if I'm allowed to say, because it's not great: it's a tiny little island who only sits its ass on the G8 conferences because those kinds of overseas territories under their domain: like Jamaica (who also has oil and where in 2010 happened the catastrophe of oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that affected Jamaica and USA contaminating miles of beaches in coast of Miami)...the company envolved was BP (British Petroleum).
And even United Kingdom itself has under their domain regions like Scotland that claims for independence and a tiny fragment of Ireland that always said they don't want to be british...there's even a song about the fact british queen and other british politicians do not respect the will of independence from irish people like the Sunday, bloody Sunday from the irish U2.
All this to say that Argentina did a propaganda because of the islands: an olimpic sportsman, Fernando Zylberberg, who goes compete on the Olimpic Games of London this year, appears in a video training in the Falkland Islands, the message is: "to compete on english soil, we train on Argentina".
See the video above:
Well done I support Argentina...about UK: just get real! Great Britain is a lost empire like all of the Discoveries Era.
British chauvinism is unbearably annoying! Give Argentina a break!

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terça-feira, 1 de maio de 2012

King of Spain's asshole face in my pocket Euros

I feel anger everytime I've got to pay something with coins and I look at the the asshole face of King of Spain in spanish euros inside my wallet!!!
From the 17 countries in Euro only 2 (Spain and Neatherland have monarchies) and we all have to deal with their beloved king and queen in our coins.
If spanniards love to have the idiot of their King's face on their coins it would be their problem, but with Euros we all have to deal with it! It's so annoying and repuslsive!
In England they have the freakin' evil face of their old queen on their notes too...who decides to print the King's or Queen's face on money? I think it's baffling! What's the point? the royalty wants to feel as powerfull as money so they want to become literally money? does that lift up their ego?
It's repuslive having the King of Spain face printed on the coins I use! Really just because of it I wouldn't mind we gert out o Euro (in fact I think Euro sucks, it was a good deal for Germany but not for Portugal).
So I went to WWF site to check if they had already fired this idiot from WWF honorary president charge and all I found was a new with his lame apology!!! I couldn't help myself and wrote in WWF's comments:
"Sorry???! sorry is enough? how can WWF have this monster as honorary president of spanish WWF since 1968 since he is a hunter and this is not the first time he kills elephants!!!! ??Kick his ass now!!! I'm disapointed with WWF! I won't support WWF anymore...there's plenty organizations for nature and animals that don't envolve politicians...specially jerks like King of Spain or Bill Clinton".
WWF is discredited!
If that idiot doesn't get shame on his disgusting face it's us that have to fire him from WWF charge so c'mon sign the petition to make WWF resign him as their honorary president in change.org

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Norwegian classes

It's said that who learns a new language gains a new soul so I decided to leran something completely different and just took some classes in norwegian language.
Today was my last class of the introductory course (and this summer I'll go back to Denmark to learn danish too).
I'm portuguese and I love the portuguese language and I've the advantage that it's one of the most spoked languages in the world, I'm fluent at english, I understand very well spanish (due to its similarities with portuguese but I'm not good talking and even less writing), I had 3 years of french at school (but I don't study or talk  french for 8 years so I just forgot everything, it's sad)...but I needed to learn something new and rare. In fact Norwegian is only spoken by less than 5 million people but it's a scandinavian language so it's very similar to danish and swedish.
Norway is a germanic language like other's scandinavian languages (swedish, danish, icelandic), it has the same roots as german from Germay and even english.
The fisrt form of the scandinavian language, the root of them all is the icelandic from Iceland, this languages were spoken by the vikings (that's right scandinavian people descend from the vikings).
Norway has 3 official languages: bohkmal (it's the more official it's written like danish but it's spoken a bit different and it was what I learnt), nynorsk (which means new norsk (norwegian), it's spoken by only 14% of the poupaltion in Bergen and nearby cities and it's a mixture of some norwegian dialects...my teacher says it's an invented language, a attempt to create a more unique norwegian identity in the extreme nationalist Norway... which will be difficult since Norway has only 100 years of sovereignity, it means as a recognised country because Norway belonged to Denmark and then Sweden) and the language sami spoken by 200 000 people, the inhabitants of Lapland in the extreme North of the country: Finnmark.
Norwegian has some different words (I don't even have them in my keybord!!) and the way it's written is tottally different from what you read....it's different and that's why I like it.
If I could I would learn several european languages like greek (I'd love to learn greek), italien and danish and swedish. I would also improve my french and spanish...if I at least got the time (and the euros LOL).
So I'm happy that I learnt something new! :)
Here'e some words in norwegian:
Helvete! (interjection to good and bad things)
Fy Fan! (you say fu fan) it's the same interjection but used for bad things.
Hvordan ga det? (=how are you)
Bare bra og med deg? (I'm fine and you?)
Ikee sa bra=Ganske bra (means: not so well)
Takk! (=thank you)
sjokolade (you say xócolade) = chocolate
Hold Kjeft! (you say hold xéft) it's an interjection of surprise.
Hva vil du? =what do you want?
Hvan kan do?=What can you do?
About Norway, the country itself, my teacher who lived several years in Norway said it's a very beautiful country full of nature but he don't like the people from there because they are extreme nationalists and a bit arrogants now because they're rich because of the discover of oil 'cause a few years ago Norway was one of the most poor countries in Europe, people only made a living from fisheries and life in a very cold place was even more harsh. My teacher told us too that norwegians are paranoid about not drinking alcohol, but they get super drunk when they can.
Also my teacher and a colleague of mine who went there said they live repressing themselves and a colleague of mine said that when he watched the news on TV there he just saw things related to Norway and nothing about the outter world.
 Norwegians and nordics too are said not to be very expressive or nice people (specially for strangers, they're very suspicious about strangers),they're said to be very cold. I think it's a bit true but it's not flaw it's just a characteristic of the society. Anyway a friend of mine hosted a danish woman that said to her: "portuguese poeple are so nice, it's so irritating!!!". So it seems that nordics complain of niceness and mediterranean blame of rudeness...so they're two completely different folks no way to match!
And my teacher (by the way he's austrian) warned us that they don't like having too many immigrants living there when we all said we'd like to move out there for a while to have a job.
My teacher says in Norway they eat seals and whale!!! And it's  ridiculous expensive living there.
 All I know about Norway from the news is that the suicidal rate is high but in studies they say they're one of the happiest countries on the world...
Well I quite don't know if this is true by myself it's just what I heard, but despite about how people are or not I would love to go to Norway (on vacation...or maybe work but maybe it's not a very good idea to go to somewhere immigrants are said not to be very welcome, damn it I don't want to be in Portugal 'cause I don't want to pay any debt to Germany (by the way how pay anyway if I won't get any job, we had to sell our energy to China so we can pay the interests of the IMF's and European Central Bank's loan...I guess I'll try Brazil or Mozambique instead they even speak portuguese (the problem is the violence and corruption which I can't stand) but, Europe is a mess right now).
Anyway there are some contradictions in Norway: they give the peace prizes there in Oslo and claim to fight for world wide peace but they are in NATO!
In the end my teacher said us not to paint "Norway as heaven on Erath" 'cause it's not.
All I can say is that I think that to live in nordic countries is a bit more boring (a huge bit btw) than in south because it's a bit lifeless and completely different because in nordic countries things work and it's almost no corruption and that's the first reason I thought to move out there for a couple of years...I can't stand corruption! For you to have an idea in Sweden a politician was fired because they discover she bought chocolates and cigarrettes with public money...well in Portugal politicians opened a bank a few years ago, the bank bankrrupted, the money disappeared like magic, people lost their savings of a lifetime, the bank was nationalized and all the taxpayers buried there 800 000 euros! Then they sold the bank to Angola for just 40 000 euros...people don't care here, they live well even knowing what that swindlers do with their money....but I don't, I just can't and I'm not willing to live all my life trying to make them see this is not right and we should not accept it! Anyway you know what that politicians who cause that bank's bankrupt are doing now: making fool out of journalists and benefiting this incompetent and corrupted justice...they don't declare anything to finances because they say they're bankrupt too but they do quite a lord life full of luxuries and journalists discovered they had some accounts on Switzerland, a country that it's said to be very developed but allows having offshore accounts, so lots of dictaorships, traffickers of drugs, human beings, animals or corrupted politicians have their accounts there: nothing better to them than hide people's money in an account that will never be proved that belongs to them and then make the life of a lord being bankrrupted! -.-
This is the first reason why I don't see any job oportunity for me in Portugal (I study energy and we sold energy to China in order to pay the debt and huge interest rates they say we have to pay) and I don't want to work or live here anymore: Portugal is rotten, full of corruption and people don't care! Maybe if people change their mind and stop their party! For now I just feel trapped in an universe of lethargy and very revolted about what's going on (in Europe and in Portugal too).
So despite of everything I think Norway it's a marvellous place to visit and I loved learning norwegian.
Hyggelig og snakke med deg.Ha det bra! (Nice talking to you. Goodbye, stay cool).

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