sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2012

17th May

After my boring and useless classes at college today I went to a coffee house and then I did a little walk in Lisbon's streets on another sunny and warm day. So that's when I see a group of blonde and tall people with a leader raising a norwegian flag.First I thought: "this might be a a norwegian guide" ('cause when I went to Copenhagen there was a guide with an italien flag leading italien people) and I was about talking to them in norwegian (I had norwegian-classes) but then I thought "this seems too goofy and people must be scared hearing me and I even can say something wrong", so I didn't...but then I thought "What day is this? 17th May!". Yes it's 17th May, it's Norwegian's National Day! That's why that group was exhibiting a norwegian flag! So they were celebrating their national day even being in Lisbon...but I thought besides the nordic nobody understood why they were doing that and even I took some time to realize it!
So a year ago I was even more a bigger admirer of nordic countries (my favourite is Denmark and then Norway) so I wrote a post about that day it's the post congratulations-norway and it was the most readen post on my blogue with more than 2000 accessions! I even thought in deleting because it was not my idea to have so many visitors because of that and I almost don't say nothing in that post! Anyway maybe it's because of the bunad's pictures or fjord picture of the post which I "stole" from the internet as the majoity of the pictures here.
Norway and other nordic countries as Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden are very well developed countries and an example of how a society should be in terms of equality but let's not forget they were extreme poor countries a couple of years ago and nordic population even died of hunger and now they're rich and if they're rich is mostly because of oil that they export and avoid to use on their countries investing in renewable energies.
I really would love to go to Norway because it's a country with preserved and estimated nature and people ride bikes too as in Denmark and I think it's lovely but taking advantage on this day I want to make and advice to norwegian people: show yourselves how developed and nature lovers you are and STOP hunting whales! Really it's shameless!
It's hard to believe but in Iceland they're hunting whales to sell meat to Japan and norwegian and japanese fishermen hunt whales to make meat! And then they write in the boats "hunting for scientifical proposes!". Making fool out of us! The rest of the world quited the whale hunting, even in Azores, Portugal where it was a bloody tradition! Time to move on, hunting whales is wickedness! My norwegian teacher says in supermarkets it's sold whale meat. Viking's Era is over so stop hunting and eating whales, ok?
The day of 17th May is a symbol of norwegian pride but it shouldn't be very exacerbated because extreme nationalism never leads to good things.
So congratulations Norway! ;)

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