terça-feira, 8 de maio de 2012

20 000 visits!

I just checked that I exceeded the 20 000 visitors in my blogue!
Thank you readers! (Although i don't know if I have regular readers or not).
I love having visitors and comments too even those who disagree with what I write: all comments are welcome!
Everyone is welcome!
I write this blogue because I like to write (and I've been improving my english because of that but the stuffs I write must have mistakes, feel free to correct me too it would be helpful) but most of all I write this for people to read it, it's for them doesn't matter who they are or where they are from.
I have a succeeded blogue in portuguese (I'm portuguese by the way) but there were some things I would like to share with all the world so I started this blogue for more global issues to share with the whole world, my portuguese blogue is more about national issues in Portugal. Anyway I quite can't really define what is this blogue about, I don't speak about a particular issue it's all about what comes to my mind and sometimes I write about my life too and unburden and I can feel better after doing that, it's silly I know! Anyway my life is quite boring (really boring) so I speak about global issues.
I talk about of animals, nature and environment...I put here some petitions for people to sign but I don't want to be a slaccktivist! Anyway I just inform about what I think people should know (and some issues you won't find on regular media) and sometimes petitions make a change, but the biggest change comes inside of us!
Well I speak about economy and policy, I'm anti-war and anti-NATO, I belive in peace and that people can change (although they can break my heart with such madness...but I have to count with the good ones and they're my hope!). So although you can read some things that might look like anti-american, or even anti-german it's not true...I really don't want people to think like that (although you might think) but really some things are just really difficult to accept from those countries' behaviour! But if you look really close I criticize too Portugal, Canada, Europe, Brazil...you name it! I criticize what it's been doing wrong...no place on Earth is perfect it's only left to me to believe people can change for better.
But hey, I know how to write nice stuff too!
So it's not that I don't like americans it's just I really think they should change and I hope they do! 
So checking my blogue I found out that the country who visits my blogue the most is USA (and how come I never got a negative message from them? really, negative comments are welcome too, bring it on!), on the second place Portugal, 3rd place UK; 4th place Brazil, 5th place India, 6th place Canada, 7th place Germany (!!), 8th place France, 9th place Russia, 10th Australia.
And on the top of searched words is Norway (!?), fat american, santa claus, bunad, world wide web, leave me alone, stupid (LOL? stupid?), le voyage dans la lune and george melies.
One more thing almost all the pictures from my blogue were taken from the internet so if some of them is yours and you don't want them here tell me I'll take them off. But the majority of pictures on the right side about Portugal were taken by me.
So thank you all for your visits don't matter who you are or come from you're all welcome! And as far I'm getting visits I'll manage a way to have a time to write here more stuff.
Thank you!

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