quinta-feira, 24 de maio de 2012

America's thirst of freedom

It's a fact USA proclaims itself as the land of freedom but people are arrested for simple things (like small robberies or being  not allowed to protest in a manifestation) and the bankers and corrupts still out there (same here this part). And in the name of freedom to "free" those countries America with Europe through NATO invade countries, destroy countries, kills innocents and let them die in pain and agony...the point is do the war and get a way to control the tyrants who suits them...on they're thirst of oil...nobody really cares in which conditions those people, whose country was invaded, live or even if they survive.
But there's signs of hope  because hundreds of USA citizens protested a few days ago against the Nato Summit in Chicago (and I have shame our prime minister went...Portugal is in NATO as almost all European countries even Norway who gives the Peace Prizes...a few years ago the award was given to Obama who is another lobby puppet...well given then...).
And some of that protestors were repressed brutally by the police (read: police-brutality)...in the land of freedom police repressing peaceful protestors? something here doesn't match...
One thing is sure: NATO is the biggest Al-Qaeda of all!
So I just want to say one things: that americans rock!
Keep fighting NATO!
Thank you!

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