sexta-feira, 11 de maio de 2012

Bloody Denmark

It's a tradition in Islands Faroé, Denmark, to hunt and kill whales and dolphins as a tradition that represents the initiation of adult life of the younger danish men.
Nobody misses the usual bloody celebration for not miss the 'fun' and 'thrill' of it. Everybody participates in this bloody massacre wheter killing, whether seeing, wheter supporting it as a spectator (some people even scream motivation words to the young killers).

It's important to mention that the dolphin Calderon, as almost all other species of dolphins, get closer to the men in a a friendly gesture!
The innocent dolphins don't die instantaneously, they are penetrated repeatedly with sharp hooks and in these moments dolphins emite sounds very similar to those of a human baby crying!
They suffer a lot and there is no compassion while the sweet being slowly bleeds to death and sufers with their tremendous wounds struggling to death in their own blood that tinge of red the waters.
Finally this'heroes' of the island, as what they're called, are considered adults now...they have demonstated their their 'maturity'!

Denmark is a nordic country that is said to be very evoluted but still have anachronistic practices that are called tradition.
I've been in Denmark and thought about moving there (I have serious doubts now but not just because of this), I love Denmark and this year I might go back to attend a danish course. Danish people have a environmental conscience so they use bikes instead of cars, they recycle and invest in green this is a paradox: killing whales and dolphins for fun as a tradition to initiate the adult life of the teenagers!?
Nordic countries are said to be very developed, maybe, because with the money of the oil they invested and distributed the wealth with the people, but they are not that so developed let me disagree: fisrt of all they are a very closed society to the outer world (not Denmark but more Norway and Filnland), then they are extreme nationalists, they don't look very nice people (not them all but some seem very grumpy) and then Norway hunts whale and sells it on supermarkets, and people eat it, nordic people eat seal meat too and a traditional dish from Finland is...bear meat!
They are descendents from the vikings so no wonder why they might have this barbaric behaviour sometimes (one thing is sure vikings don't like strangers, so do the nordics, they don't really like immigrants).
So what kind of europeans are this people?STOP THIS!

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