segunda-feira, 7 de maio de 2012

C'est fini, Sarkozy!

François Hollande is new president of France and if he complies with what he said during his campaign this can be a relief for Europe asphyxiated in austerity under the absurd logic in which Germany put all Europe imposing (to the others) austerity up on austerity leaving the other's economies exhausted and this is applied to all not just for Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy but even the traditional rich countries as Austria and Netherlands.
And thinking that Sarkozy said that Hollande will bankrupt France when he, himself, did the most outrageous expenses with the french people's money! (read:Sarkozy the big spender).
So now the anti-immigration defender Nicolas Sarkozy is just an hungarian descendent, married with an italien descendent woman living in France...
Let's just hope that France do not stop under Germany for their own good and for the good of Europe.
Adieu Merkozy, Europe turned the page!

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