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Elections in Greece 2012 and its repercussion in Europe

greek's answer: fuck you Germany!

Greeks had enough of austerity and the lies of the two political parties who have been ruined their country for decades, they had enough of their lies, they had enough of humiliation from the germans (who even suggested greeks to sell them their islands, and their acropolis read it indailymail and the telegraph), enough of suicides because of the crisis, enough of imposed misery so just swept the two parties that agreed with the implemention of austerity.
This is too a message to Germany: screw you! But greeks seem to want to remain in Europe Union and having the Euro...we just need another Europe to do it!
Greek people used the power of their vote to get their revenge on the two political parties that during more than 30 years since the military dictatorship contributed to the calamitous state Greece is's undestandable, who would vote on them again?
But of the 9,9 registered electors only 34,91% historical record of abstention!
Anyway greeks lead to a voter revolution which consequences are yet to ascertain.They are even under the risk o having to repeat the elections since there is no governable conditions.
So the winner of the greek elections was the left handed political party Syriza which is the 2nd political power now, they propose "We won't pay!" also they propose the immediate cancelation of all austerity mesaures that impoverish the greek folk and don't respect their labour righsts, they propse also an investigation to the banks and the publication of the audit to the banking sector.
But the greek's elections brought too to the parliament two political parties of xenophobic nature like the "independent greeks" and the neonazies "golden dawn", which priority is to make the lives of the immigrants in Greece a living hell, put mines next to the border with Turkey and take the right of vote and stop the access to public positions from all that even borned in Greece are not greek's sons! The slogna of the "golden dawn" party is, inclusively, "let's get this land rid of fouls", or something like that...
In Germany too it's being sent invitations to german descendents to return to Germany...
It's so ironic that a greek party that promisses to break with the dictates of of ECB (european central bank), IMF(international monetary fund), EC (european comission) that imposes the german interests is the same that is an afiliate of this german ideology that we thought that was extinct before all the war horrors that happened 7 decades ago...
Unfortunatelly, the radical extremist right-handed parties are a rising political force all over the Europe, from France (where Le Penns and Sarkozy defended that there was "too many immigrants" and kick off gipsies and are clearly anti muslim immigrations), from Greece now, until the nordic countries which always had the fame of being extreme nationalists and don't like  "mixtures" all nordic countries right-handed parties are rising: Finland has an anti-immigration assumed policy and the party "true finnish" was elected, Denmark, Sweden Norway the same!
But the rising of radical righ-handed parties is something Mikis Theodorákis have been warning us: 

"If the people from Europe don't uprise, the banks will bring back the fascism" 

A new Europe is needed now! Europeans rise up we must avoid this tragedy!

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