quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2012

Euro zone or german zone?

"The unrealistic germanic intransigence threats to lead Europe to the chaos!
Germany proposed (and imposes) a prescription of austerity at all cost that starts being offensive by the contrast between the germanic situation and the european periphery!
While Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Spain and Italy pay high interest rates for their debts, Germany has become a beneficiary of the uneasiness amongst other europeans. Right now the germanic interest rate for ten years is about 1,7% since the forecats of  inflation rate of the Euro Zone is about 2,4% this means that Germany has become a economy of refuge where the wealthy people from the endebted countries trannsfer their money from their national banks to put them at safe in Germany with a negative tax rate! This is not about investment but protection.
Germany gains with the panic that their  «monetarism»that helps spreading.
 And euro continues helping Germany mantaining their high trade surpluses that can be used to acquire assets in the struggling economies at bargain basement prices. While people from the peripheral countries see their incomes getting lower and lower  and the unemployment rising, in Germany, the worker unions negotiate wage increases of 6%...
The germanic solution for the crisis only will intensify the abyssal diferences in competitiveness between  european nations leading to a irreconciable conflict between creditor and debtor countries! So this could be the time of the german redemption saving Europe with a benevolent hegemony but it seems that, once again, Berlin left alone on their own will throw it all away."

(I translated this from a portuguese magazine called Visão 999 it was written, and very well written, by sir Viriato Marques) 

"If the Euro zone collapses, this will be the third time in a century that Europe commits suicide, with Germany on the command post" Viriato Marques

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