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Falkland Islands: a UK's overseas territory?

Do you know where Falkland Islands are situated? I spare your time, it's pertinent to put here the image of it, the islands are represented in the red circle:
And the nearby country is Argentina.
However Falkland Islands belong to United Kingdom, an overseas territory of UK in the southern hemisphere.
The distance between UK and Flakland Islands is abyssal: 12 800 km and between Falkland Islands and Argentina is just 550 km.
The islands were discovered by spanish or british sailors (they both claim it) but the british in fact always stayed in the island claiming it belonged to them.
A few years ago, just 30 years ago(!!!) there was a War between UK and Argentina because of the possession of the islands: Argentina lost the war and UK officially took them as their territory, nevertheless (and with reason) people from Argentina continue claiming that islands belong to them.
Well it's particularly profitable for UK to have those islands under their domain because they started extracting oil in that seas which clearly violates the Argentina's territory.
However UK ignores Argentina and continues extracting oil for BP company (British Petroleum=BP) and doing militar exercises there (it can be a warning to Argentina? like don't mess up with us?). Inclusively, the older brat, the british's beloved older prince William went there a few weeks ago to do a bit of military work lame!
Well this is such an anachronisms in the XXI century UK see just not to realize that having overseas territories don't make sense anymore...and they're proud, oh so proud of being british to belong to the Great Britan, a great piece of nothing if I'm allowed to say, because it's not great: it's a tiny little island who only sits its ass on the G8 conferences because those kinds of overseas territories under their domain: like Jamaica (who also has oil and where in 2010 happened the catastrophe of oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that affected Jamaica and USA contaminating miles of beaches in coast of Miami)...the company envolved was BP (British Petroleum).
And even United Kingdom itself has under their domain regions like Scotland that claims for independence and a tiny fragment of Ireland that always said they don't want to be british...there's even a song about the fact british queen and other british politicians do not respect the will of independence from irish people like the Sunday, bloody Sunday from the irish U2.
All this to say that Argentina did a propaganda because of the islands: an olimpic sportsman, Fernando Zylberberg, who goes compete on the Olimpic Games of London this year, appears in a video training in the Falkland Islands, the message is: "to compete on english soil, we train on Argentina".
See the video above:
Well done I support Argentina...about UK: just get real! Great Britain is a lost empire like all of the Discoveries Era.
British chauvinism is unbearably annoying! Give Argentina a break!

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