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The future of Greece belongs to the greeks

FMI[portuguese]=MIF[english]=Monetary International Fund this funny charicature is relative to the  story:  Trojan Horse
So tomorrow there will be elections in Greece (and France too), it's a great oportunity for Europe to change its course that is not getting nowhere: austerity isn't the solution, austerity is suicide and a tool used to bankers and speculators make huge amount of cash with crisis and people's misery.
It's of the publc domain that crises are a great way to restribute wealth that no capitalist could ever refuse and the economist's forecasts have as their objective to fail because if they're always right no one would ruined and no one would get rich(er)...this is the speculative mechanism and crisis and speculation go hand in hand.
Greece is the main responsable for their situation (like Portugal), they lived with money they hadn't and built a huge State to employ lots of greeks (some of them that almost didn't work at all) and for yeas it's true they hided their accounts. In summary: they cheated! True! But this is no way to treat people! And I don't agree with how Europe is dealing with this specially Germany that has been growing indebting other european nations: since the 4 submarine sold to Greece to the 2 sold to Portugal, to the fact 75% german exports are for other european nations, that EU limits europeans's weak economies production or the great business European Central bank is doing with european's sovereign debts...
Europe is following a path of austerity and more and more nations are being attacked and governments are falling (the last was Nederland which said this crisis problem was due to the lazy south people too...and now they can't apply the austerity measures and control their deficit too...). About Germany it is one of the biggest defaulters of the History whose two world wars that devasted Europe were forgiven! What's the german morality to make greeks pay until the last drop of blood?
 What is been happening is not dignified of a European Union that should be conducted by the spirit of solidarity, mutual aid and dialogue.
I really hope Europe change its path and we all get back being a united family (have we ever been anyway?).
Greece has already lost their budget sovereignity, they've been humiliated and germans even suggested them to  sell their islands in order to pay the debt!!! And to sell their  Acropolis too!
People talk about Greece and Portugal to quit Euro but what I think is that who should quit Euro is Germany that is destroying the Euro project and the European project too!
Greek people are desperate, the suicides are rising, the number of homeless people are growing each day, what remained of greece's economy is being destroyed ...so now it's up to the greeks if they want more austerity measures and stay being ruled for germans or if they want to stop this suicidal path and try something new: FREEDOM!
Good luck for tomorrow, greeks chose well!
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