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Bloodstained Jubillee

So what the Queen of England is having a mega party to celebrate her Jubilee: isn't such a jubilation? It's for because of her 60 years on the throne! She did so many good things for the world, now, particularly on this moment nothing comes to my mind, but sure she did, otherwise how could people love this lady?
So the Queen  invited her friends from all the monarchies: there were just more three queens (from Denmark, Netherlands and Morocco), the Duke of Luxembourg, the Prince of Monaco (is that an offshore island?) and Prince of Lichenstein, and then all the Kings: from Greece(?), Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Yougoslavia, the Emperor of Japan was there too (so Japan has an empire, han?) and invited too other exotic kings from Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Tonga, Thailand...and the genocidal and polygamous Kings from Bharein and Swaziland...
The Kings from Bahrein and Suaziland apply dictatorial monarchies on their countries where their folk is severely opressed and repressed and they spend ostensibility people's money which live in misery. In Bahrein and Suaziland activists from pro-democracy are tortured and murdered. The people from Swaziland are so poor that they even eat cow dung in despair to fill their stocmach...while the King lives on the lap of luxury.
So it seems like a nice gests to a Queen's party!
So of course there were protestors outraged with this and the Swazi exiles group Swazi Vigil and other britishs protestors, but they love the Queen so badly that they didn't went to protest in front of the Windsor Palace where the party took place for not ruin Queen's party, so instead they protested in front of the hotel were the genocidal King from Suaziland was hosted! So much consideration for the Queen...which had none for them!
The british activist Peter Tatchell said that: "Inviting tyrants bloodstained shames our monarchy [I beg your pardon but your monarchy is a shame, didn't you realized that yet? wake up!-.-]. Including tyrant Kings on the Queen's guestlist is a shocking mistake [mistake? you mean the Queen or somebody closed to the Queen invited that guys but it was a mistake they didn't knew who they were inviting?] and an insult to all the pro-democracy activists and political prisioners of this monarchical totalitarian regimes."
The Buckingham Palace just said that the invitations were approved for the Foreign Office and told the newspaper Guardian that only provided logistical support and coordination assistance and that the invitations were made personally by the Queen (your Queen is evil don't you get it?).
So the British Queen wanted genocidals on her party, what's the big deal?
The only party breaker was Queen from Spain which did not attended the big event in a way to protests for Gibraltar, a rock in south Spain that Great Britain says to belong to them (and people from Gibraltar say they want to be british not doesn't surprise me at all, most part of Gibraltar population might be wealthy british that have their summer house in there and go there once in a while to catch some sun) the King of Spain couldn't attend at all even if he wanted because he is recovering from his Hunting trip to Africa
 to kill elephants!!! (son o a bitch you should have died there!).
And by the way, british claim that Falkland islands in south hemisphere, 500 km from Argetina is their territory...this islands are particulary appealing to Britain since they use them to be allowed to explore oil on the Argentina's coastline...
Well I think monarchies are an unbearable anachronism, a symbol of opulence and injustice, they're a useleess waste of public money, they're ridiculous characters with no personality and opinion that rule whole their lives with silly protocols and stewardships...deep down they're sad and I feel sorry for their lives.
Monarchies, even Constitutional Monarchies as the europeans, to me to, not fully match with real democracy because in democracy people can chose their the case of Kings and Queens it will be a family business and the State has to feed them until they die...they're useless to society and it's sad but well most people like having a monarchy and although I don't see the point of course I respect it.
But from all european monarhcies the British Monarchy is far too much unbearable!

Read: Guardian

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