quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2012

KFC threats to turn rainforests into trash!

NO! This is far away too much intolerable!
KFC is threating to turn the indonesian rainforests into trash...just to make cheap paper to wrap KFC's consumers bloody chicken's thigs, their extra caloric chips and their sugared juices!!!
Boycott KFC and sign the petition of Greenpeace:kfc-secretrecipe
(And turn into a vegetarian would be a great idea too, environment appreciates it, and animals too).
Sumatras tigers, orangutans and other wild animals are in severe danger...will we let all biodiversity to be destroyed just to wrap our junk food to get fat and sick and die of grease related diseases?
We all through Greenpeace put an end to Mattel who was devastating rainforests to  wrap plastic dolls in cheap paper (read:succes-mattel-drops-rainforest), we could make Nestlé stop to do deforestation too and now they're an eco-friendly company (read:Kitkat killer).
So we sure can do it again!

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