terça-feira, 1 de maio de 2012

King of Spain's asshole face in my pocket Euros

I feel anger everytime I've got to pay something with coins and I look at the the asshole face of King of Spain in spanish euros inside my wallet!!!
From the 17 countries in Euro only 2 (Spain and Neatherland have monarchies) and we all have to deal with their beloved king and queen in our coins.
If spanniards love to have the idiot of their King's face on their coins it would be their problem, but with Euros we all have to deal with it! It's so annoying and repuslsive!
In England they have the freakin' evil face of their old queen on their notes too...who decides to print the King's or Queen's face on money? I think it's baffling! What's the point? the royalty wants to feel as powerfull as money so they want to become literally money? does that lift up their ego?
It's repuslive having the King of Spain face printed on the coins I use! Really just because of it I wouldn't mind we gert out o Euro (in fact I think Euro sucks, it was a good deal for Germany but not for Portugal).
So I went to WWF site to check if they had already fired this idiot from WWF honorary president charge and all I found was a new with his lame apology!!! I couldn't help myself and wrote in WWF's comments:
"Sorry???! sorry is enough? how can WWF have this monster as honorary president of spanish WWF since 1968 since he is a hunter and this is not the first time he kills elephants!!!! ??Kick his ass now!!! I'm disapointed with WWF! I won't support WWF anymore...there's plenty organizations for nature and animals that don't envolve politicians...specially jerks like King of Spain or Bill Clinton".
WWF is discredited!
If that idiot doesn't get shame on his disgusting face it's us that have to fire him from WWF charge so c'mon sign the petition to make WWF resign him as their honorary president in change.org

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