quarta-feira, 30 de maio de 2012

Lagarde orders greeks to pay the taxes...but she doesn't pay any taxes at all!

So Mrs Lagarde, the leader of IMF (International Monetary Fund or is it International Misery Fund?) says that greeks are in that situation because they didn't pay the taxes...but this lady doesn't pay anything at all in matter of taxes!
 MIF doesn't pay the taxes, hello? they are the taxes!
So Lagarde receives 372.300 thousand euros per year more the USA president Barack Obama and he pays taxes! So Lagarde receives 31 thousand euros per month...and by the way, in Portugal we pay to TV presenters in our public television, RTP, the same...Portugal is full of filthy parasites...and those are not paying the debt! hello? they are our debt too.
Besides that Lagarde receives 66.640 thousand euros for representation expenses. So she wins about 438.940 thousand euros per year, about 36 780 euros per month...and she doesn't pay taxes!
How can she give moral lessons to the greek people...who are contributing enormously for IMF profits?
But there's more...Lagarde says she's more concerned about poor children in misery in Africa than in Greece...ohhh..IMF is worried about poverty in Africa? let me laugh! MIF in Africa orders that countries to give them a huge % of oil profits to pay the debt more interests to MIF...a small%  is for the country itself...but that money is for corruption...people get nothing!
One thing is sure: wherever MIF is is where misery is!
Europeans wake up! Let's not pay anything to IMF!

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