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Norwegian classes

It's said that who learns a new language gains a new soul so I decided to leran something completely different and just took some classes in norwegian language.
Today was my last class of the introductory course (and this summer I'll go back to Denmark to learn danish too).
I'm portuguese and I love the portuguese language and I've the advantage that it's one of the most spoked languages in the world, I'm fluent at english, I understand very well spanish (due to its similarities with portuguese but I'm not good talking and even less writing), I had 3 years of french at school (but I don't study or talk  french for 8 years so I just forgot everything, it's sad)...but I needed to learn something new and rare. In fact Norwegian is only spoken by less than 5 million people but it's a scandinavian language so it's very similar to danish and swedish.
Norway is a germanic language like other's scandinavian languages (swedish, danish, icelandic), it has the same roots as german from Germay and even english.
The fisrt form of the scandinavian language, the root of them all is the icelandic from Iceland, this languages were spoken by the vikings (that's right scandinavian people descend from the vikings).
Norway has 3 official languages: bohkmal (it's the more official it's written like danish but it's spoken a bit different and it was what I learnt), nynorsk (which means new norsk (norwegian), it's spoken by only 14% of the poupaltion in Bergen and nearby cities and it's a mixture of some norwegian dialects...my teacher says it's an invented language, a attempt to create a more unique norwegian identity in the extreme nationalist Norway... which will be difficult since Norway has only 100 years of sovereignity, it means as a recognised country because Norway belonged to Denmark and then Sweden) and the language sami spoken by 200 000 people, the inhabitants of Lapland in the extreme North of the country: Finnmark.
Norwegian has some different words (I don't even have them in my keybord!!) and the way it's written is tottally different from what you read....it's different and that's why I like it.
If I could I would learn several european languages like greek (I'd love to learn greek), italien and danish and swedish. I would also improve my french and spanish...if I at least got the time (and the euros LOL).
So I'm happy that I learnt something new! :)
Here'e some words in norwegian:
Helvete! (interjection to good and bad things)
Fy Fan! (you say fu fan) it's the same interjection but used for bad things.
Hvordan ga det? (=how are you)
Bare bra og med deg? (I'm fine and you?)
Ikee sa bra=Ganske bra (means: not so well)
Takk! (=thank you)
sjokolade (you say xócolade) = chocolate
Hold Kjeft! (you say hold xéft) it's an interjection of surprise.
Hva vil du? =what do you want?
Hvan kan do?=What can you do?
About Norway, the country itself, my teacher who lived several years in Norway said it's a very beautiful country full of nature but he don't like the people from there because they are extreme nationalists and a bit arrogants now because they're rich because of the discover of oil 'cause a few years ago Norway was one of the most poor countries in Europe, people only made a living from fisheries and life in a very cold place was even more harsh. My teacher told us too that norwegians are paranoid about not drinking alcohol, but they get super drunk when they can.
Also my teacher and a colleague of mine who went there said they live repressing themselves and a colleague of mine said that when he watched the news on TV there he just saw things related to Norway and nothing about the outter world.
 Norwegians and nordics too are said not to be very expressive or nice people (specially for strangers, they're very suspicious about strangers),they're said to be very cold. I think it's a bit true but it's not flaw it's just a characteristic of the society. Anyway a friend of mine hosted a danish woman that said to her: "portuguese poeple are so nice, it's so irritating!!!". So it seems that nordics complain of niceness and mediterranean blame of rudeness...so they're two completely different folks no way to match!
And my teacher (by the way he's austrian) warned us that they don't like having too many immigrants living there when we all said we'd like to move out there for a while to have a job.
My teacher says in Norway they eat seals and whale!!! And it's  ridiculous expensive living there.
 All I know about Norway from the news is that the suicidal rate is high but in studies they say they're one of the happiest countries on the world...
Well I quite don't know if this is true by myself it's just what I heard, but despite about how people are or not I would love to go to Norway (on vacation...or maybe work but maybe it's not a very good idea to go to somewhere immigrants are said not to be very welcome, damn it I don't want to be in Portugal 'cause I don't want to pay any debt to Germany (by the way how pay anyway if I won't get any job, we had to sell our energy to China so we can pay the interests of the IMF's and European Central Bank's loan...I guess I'll try Brazil or Mozambique instead they even speak portuguese (the problem is the violence and corruption which I can't stand) but, Europe is a mess right now).
Anyway there are some contradictions in Norway: they give the peace prizes there in Oslo and claim to fight for world wide peace but they are in NATO!
In the end my teacher said us not to paint "Norway as heaven on Erath" 'cause it's not.
All I can say is that I think that to live in nordic countries is a bit more boring (a huge bit btw) than in south because it's a bit lifeless and completely different because in nordic countries things work and it's almost no corruption and that's the first reason I thought to move out there for a couple of years...I can't stand corruption! For you to have an idea in Sweden a politician was fired because they discover she bought chocolates and cigarrettes with public money...well in Portugal politicians opened a bank a few years ago, the bank bankrrupted, the money disappeared like magic, people lost their savings of a lifetime, the bank was nationalized and all the taxpayers buried there 800 000 euros! Then they sold the bank to Angola for just 40 000 euros...people don't care here, they live well even knowing what that swindlers do with their money....but I don't, I just can't and I'm not willing to live all my life trying to make them see this is not right and we should not accept it! Anyway you know what that politicians who cause that bank's bankrupt are doing now: making fool out of journalists and benefiting this incompetent and corrupted justice...they don't declare anything to finances because they say they're bankrupt too but they do quite a lord life full of luxuries and journalists discovered they had some accounts on Switzerland, a country that it's said to be very developed but allows having offshore accounts, so lots of dictaorships, traffickers of drugs, human beings, animals or corrupted politicians have their accounts there: nothing better to them than hide people's money in an account that will never be proved that belongs to them and then make the life of a lord being bankrrupted! -.-
This is the first reason why I don't see any job oportunity for me in Portugal (I study energy and we sold energy to China in order to pay the debt and huge interest rates they say we have to pay) and I don't want to work or live here anymore: Portugal is rotten, full of corruption and people don't care! Maybe if people change their mind and stop their party! For now I just feel trapped in an universe of lethargy and very revolted about what's going on (in Europe and in Portugal too).
So despite of everything I think Norway it's a marvellous place to visit and I loved learning norwegian.
Hyggelig og snakke med deg.Ha det bra! (Nice talking to you. Goodbye, stay cool).

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