quinta-feira, 31 de maio de 2012

The Pact of Redemption

Ok Germany will you ever stop being imperialistic?
As it wasn't enough all the awful and anti-european things you're doing (like suggest Greece to sell their Islands and Acropolis in order to pay their debt) there's when you can suggest even more stupid things!
They call it humiliatingly: "Covenant of Redemption", their point is make endebted countries as Portugal and Italy with lots of gold to sell to Germany their gold!
Excelent idea! If we sell them our gold that's it !!!there's no other way to finance our own coin again...this means we'll never get our budget sovereignity back!
Euro failed...with europeans like germans there's no other way...let's quit until it's time.
The imperialistic Germany has a new face now and it's in the form of debt!
"There are only two ways to conquer and enslave a nation: one is by the sword, the other is by debt" John Adams

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