domingo, 20 de maio de 2012

Signals of fascism in Europe

First signal is repression amongst manifestants, it happened in Portugal and Spain and now in Frankfurt, Germany! Now for you to manifest you have to be authorized...and your manifestation just will be accepted if they wanted to.
This weekend was the case of manifestants anticapitalists, the name of the collective is "Blockupy Frankfurt"  that appealed to a manifestattion to halt the activities of the banks, including the European Central Bank and yesterday thousands of people challenged the police prohibition and went to the streets to manifest so police just arrested 400 of them but without using violence. The reason? the manifestation hasn't been authorized!
Now we need authorization to manifest, speak, give our opinion and make reunions discussing global issues?
Wake Europe this way we're going to is not good at all!
As Mikis Theodorákis, greek politician said:
"If the people from Europe don't uprise, the banks will bring back the fascism".
And europeans can't let this happen, we can't let the european dream to be destroyed by greed and nationalisms!

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