domingo, 6 de maio de 2012

Stop the trade of dog meat in Thailand!

Eating dog meat is widely regarded as uncivilized but asians are fucked up persons (not them all of course) who like to eat (is not just a matter of need, they rally like it) as much as disgusting things they find (from cats, to dogs, to scorpions, to snakes you anme it). Yes I've heard on TV chineses people living in Portugal that admitted that in China eating dog is like in Portugal eating goatling! I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat animals but eating dogs and cats? they're people's best friends! Their pets!
So I never go to any chinese, japanese or other asian restaurant (except indian restaurant that have vegetarian options). And people I know that love chinese food go in there and ask for grilled chicken and in the end they said "well I ate it but that was not chicken!". It was discovered even in Portugal that chineses kill stray cats and dogs and then whern I ask people "do you know what you're eating there?", they say "No I don't wanna know!", so what the hell? you can be eating dog or cat and you don't wanna know!!!!??
About the dogs that will be cooked and eaten in Vietname it shouldn't surprise us in asian countries like China, Vietname, Thailand it's committed the most outrageous cruel acts against animals (for example the tradition of cutting in two a pork with the most shocking violence you could ever imagine...and just for the fun of it).
In Thailand, northeastern smugglers Tae Rae export an estimated 30,000 strays to Vietnam every month, at a price of $10 per head. In Vietnam, grilled dog meat sells for three times the price of pork.
Stray dogs are corralled daily and crammed into wire cages before being smuggled through illegal river borders. Though most are exported to Vietnam, a minority are butchered and sold as "meat" in Thai open markets. Local residents complain about the disgusting practice. According to Wit, the boss of a dog collecting crew, "We have to pay the police to leave us alone."
Exporting strays for the dog meat trade or selling dog meat in local markets is cruel, illegal and disturbing to most Thailand residents. Please sign the petition to encourage Tae Rae authorities to crack down on the dog meat trade.
And thinking that dogs were domesticated tens of thousands of years ago in Asia...
I don't know what this image is but it looks like rescued dogs.
How can not exist a single spark of kindness in some people's hearts?

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