sábado, 19 de maio de 2012

The story of Xelim

Take a look at this shocking picture above: it's of a horse called Xelim that was hit by a furious bull during a bullfight show!
Bullfights shows don't respect animal's rights: none of the animals envolved, the bulls and the horses.
Horses get in panic running away from the furious bulls and bulls bleed to death in the middle of the arena suffering with each sharp edge that penetrates their sensitive skin.
Bullfights are a decadent and horrifying show but amuse lots of people...and the persons who get amused seeing this torture shows are sick and idiot!
Bullfights should be illegal and people should refuse to attend this events.
Sometimes even the torturers like bullfighters realize the atrocities they do and give up doing this as the case of Alvaro Munera ex-bullfighetr that became an animal activist and now is against bullfights!
This way would you care?

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