domingo, 20 de maio de 2012

Timor: 10 years of independence

Before the withdrawal of Portugal in 1974, people from Timor were victims of the indonesian onslaught during 24 years claiming and fighting for their independence that the international comunity insisted in ignore. But in 1999 an historical moment took place: there was a referendum to chose if Timor people wanted to be independent or attached by Indonesia. Timor people were victims of indonesian militias that tried to discourage people to vote using the force of weapons and violence making them fear for their lives, but on that day Timor people faced the fear and almost everyone voted. The result was clear: 78% wanted independence! [Of course! what were indonesian thinking? how could Timor people wanted to be indonesian after all they did to them?].But indonesians did not respect their will and invaded Timor killing and torturing people from Timor that dared to fight for their independence withou giving up. The independence finally came in 2002 when the International Comunity gather forces and took a stand for Timor people right to be independent as they always wished for.
Now Timor is the youngest country of the world and after this 10 years Timor is in a paradoxal situation: Timor is an extreme poor country but has a luxurious bank account. The reason is the oil extracted in Timor.
If a couple of years ago Timor's Petroleum fund had 205 million dollars, today they got more than 9 thousand million dollars, this is, 45 more times! However at least half of Timor's population still living below the poverty line!
It's because this Petroleum Fund is a shielded: a minimum of 90% of the oil profits has to be invested exclusively in financial instruments as debt titles expressed in US dollars classified by US American Rating Agencies like Moody's or Standard&Poors and the debt titles must be issued or guaranteed by the World Bank or a qualified State, let me guess...USA? In other words, a minimum of 90% of Timor's oil profits directly goes to the speculative markets instead of being used to give Timor's people the quality of life they deserve and it's her right to have and so that money is administrated and controlled by the american financial imperialism with the imposition of the dollar standard and the rating agencies dictatorship who are so good so good that evalueted as a good investment a bank that bakrrupted next day making the investors lost all their money...but that investors (or speculators as I rather call), do not use their money, they use bank's money, like everyone has money on the bank people lost their savings. Nice work! Well done! Now let me ask what rating agencies won doing this 'cause I'm pretty sure they did this high evalutation on purpose...speculation can make some people very rich and other's poor...but who got poor on USA in 2008 were humble and hard working people who just had their money on the banks, they did no bets on the Big Casino of the Economy...but someone did with their money...too bad for them, someone got richer on the other side.
So getting back to Timor, of the 10% oil profits left only a miserable 3% can be transferred to Timor's State Budget and then maybe used for the Timor State use to improve their country and people's lives... and in case Timor wants more money has to give a detailed explanation why to those big capitalists of the Financial Market why they want more money (that is their rightfully money)...and the capitalists accept it if they want to and deny it if they want to.
Why? Why they need money? what about giving to Timor's peoples a decent an human life? the access to free education and health care of quality? the development of infrastructures and industries to build a strong's because besides oil Timor doesn't produce anything else! Why? Why only in Norway or Sweden who are only rich because of oil, people can have a decent life and an equal wealth distribuition amongst the citizens? why other's countries who also have oil have their population living in the most undignified misery?
So now who comes to Dili, 10 years before, sees that almost nothing changed and outside of Dili it's even worst!
To end, about the controversy surrounding the choice of the portuguese as Timor's official language the new president Taur Matan Ruak says that : "The portuguese is part of our identity , strange was we choose indonesian or the english from the australians. The portuguese came here to stay!".
Timor and Portugal have a deep love story and during the indonesian invasion portuguese people always supported the Timor's independence and never forget them...decades before the independence finally came, now it's needed to give to people from Timor the quality of life they deserve and have ways to get it: Timor is a rich country, next challenge is face the Financial Terrorism Speculative Market: Timor's oil's profits belongs to Timor's people!
Congratulations Timor, Portugal loves you!

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