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It's time for a bullet proof arms treaty!

I'm in shock right now, I already knew that USA was one (or the one) of the biggest exporters of arms (it's the 1st industry of the bigger economy worldwide) and Russia too...but then I found out that France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, Israel(!!) and Sweden are too! Sweden? one of the most peaceful countries which I used to have so much worship?!!! This is such an hypocrite world! The poorest countries have no ways to do arms of course....they have to buy it, they buy it to the so called developped and rich countries! And then those countries (specially France, Sweden, UK) pretend they care about conflicts in Africa or Middle East! SO DISGUSTING!
I found out a document in the International Amnesty about the big six arms exportes, read it.
Also in a newsletter I received from IA, I read a different order of the biggest arms exporters: 1ºUSA, 2nd Russia, 3rd  France(!), 4th UK (!), 5th Israel(!), 6th Italy (!), 7th Germany (!), 8th China(!), 9th Ireland (!), 10th Sweden.
If only I could express what I feel right now, I knew already USA was a big armas exporter and Russia too but I always was proud about being european because I thought we were for peace (but how to explain we are in NATO?)...I got it wrong and I just want europeans to uprise! How can we allow this?
No wonder nobody cares about the blood bath in Syria! Big money is being made with innocent blood! And it was even discovered that USA sold arms to Syria through Russia (read: traffic-of-arms-in-syria).
Sweden for example is seen as an example, they're rich and their folk very swedish people can allow having profits from arms trade??? HOW!???!
Just not to mention the countries which buy the armas have dictatorships that use soldier kids! Arms only bring violence, war refugees (that try to reach out Europe and then Europe let them die in boats or are ilegal immigrants always being mistreated by the so called evoluted europeans that have been saying that immigration is a problem!) can Europe have some sort of moral to judge war crimes? WE'RE FEDDING WAR CRIMES FOR GOD SAKE! I'm so revolted!
Due to the use of arms a person is murdered each minute worlwide, 57 000 civilians die each year and more than a million died between 1989 and 2010 due arms conflict, this dirty business have profits of 59 thousand of million of dollares during 1989 to 2010...74% of the arms trade are provided by the 5 members of Security Council of United Nations, plus Germany! War conflicts made already 43 million war refugees (1989-2010), arms trade feed gangsters and other criminal organizations...we cannot expect police to stop violence if the politicians and our economies are feeding arms trade!!
People have to stop this! I know a click won't solve but here's the petition: amnesty. What will solve this is our activism and indignation and outrage, what will solve this is our attitude! C'mon we cannot allow a bunch of greedy idiots to rule and destroy our world and millions of lives! Gain attitude, join the global change, together we'll do it!

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