quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2012

Catastrophic Meltdown in Greenland

I hardly could believe in the news today! [read: Greenland].
NASA hardly could believe too in what they just saw...NASA's scientists even thought this was an error...unfortunately it's not! In only 4 days, 97% of the ice covering Greenland melted! It's frightening! How could such amount of ice to melt in only 4 days? You know what this means? That global climate change is real, if anyone still having doubts now it's time to face the harsh reality: IT'S NOT! And things are changing really fast! It's all changing so fast and ourselves are changing so so slowly! It makes me think: will we have enough time to stop this catastrophe?
You know if too much ice melts, the oceans get less salty, it changes the oceans density and the Termohaline Stream, which controls the global climate patterns can be interrupted...if the stream it's interrupted we enter in a new Ice Age...and the last Ice Age lasted 10 000 years! you know what this means? Global mass extinction, and the end of our civilization as we know it!
As this wasn't serious enough, human greed can beat everything! Shell, oil company, wants to drill Greenland in order to oil for us, ordinary citizens who are feeding this rotten system denying it, can ride our fossil fuel's addicted cars and continue with this extreme capitalism economy who has no respect for humanity and environment costs. Greed can't blind us!
Time to wake up and change, before it's to late!
Sign the Avaaz petition here: Avaaz
And the Greenpeace petition: Save the Arctic

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