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Thousands of pets abandoned in Greece due to the Crisis

This is extremely  horrible! A few days ago I watched on TV a report about the phenomenon of the increasing number of stray dogs and cats in Athens. Only in the capital of Greece, Athens, thousands of dogs and cats are abandoned each day, some are attached to trees because their owners didn't want them to follow them or they are found on trash cans!
The reason? crisis! With the crisis people don't have money for themselves and to feed them or their families, there is an increasing number of abandoned children too, and the number of homelessness increases too day by day and the number of suicides due to the crisis too!
But that's when I read on the newspapers even more horrible things, I read that an inhabitant in Athens said that she suspects that the number of dogs are decreasing because it's been saying that people are eating dogs! That's horrible if it's true! Horrible to eat dogs of course but horrible of have to eat dogs for not having anything else to eat since they have no money to buy anything!
Can you face greek's people's despair? in a population of about 10 million people: 2 million were thrown to the most abject misery and have no source of income, not even state subsidies! So they live of charity!
There's how greeks are: with no sovereignity, no hope, no dignity!
Meanwhile I just can't hear the perfect nordics saying all the time "lazy greeks they have to pay for their debt!", even if they got anything? Not even their dignity? Is that it? pay until the last straw of blood? Is this you call Europan Union that was based upon solidarity ideals? As it was not enough people suffer and starve now it's greek's pets time to suffer and die too? WTF Europe is doing!!!?
Meanwhile Germany is doing a great deal out of other countrie's debts, achieving minimum levels of unemployment, getting their incomes raised and their debt interest rates putting down to negative levels...when other countries pay high interest rates!
Germany is making a great business out of this even if this means the destruction of Europe and europeans folk (again)...and they despise this: Germany needs Euro, if Euro falls it is estimated that the unemployment german rates would double and they would lose 10% of their PIB!
I think the question here is not: should Portugal or Greece to get out Euro, the question is should Germany continue in Euro and European Union after their arrogant and possessive behaviour (typical of a nazi) for other countries? It's because Germany showed again that don't know how to fit in an European Project, and no way should be in charge of Europe as Germany is right now: Germany rules Europe without listening to other's countries needs and their drama and that's very dangerous as we can see.
Germany in the last century was a conflict source that caused two World Wars due to German thirst of domain of Europe and History tell us that debt and unemployment carry out the end of democrartic regimes, then the hunger and finally war! We can't let the Utopia of Europe to be destoyed! 
I never liked Germany and always intrepreted the german flag colours this way: black of the hate, red of blood they caused and yellow of gold which means wealth...the previous nazi flag? the colours were red and black too...so for the last time show the World that germans and Germany  are changed because that's NOT what you're showing...and your behaviour has no place in the European Union: so change yourself as a country and folk or you get out without disturbing anyone!

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