quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2012

Free Assange!

Today I went to a manifestation (if I can call it that way) of" free Assange", in Lisbon, in front of the United Kingdom embassy...well it was not really in front of because the street is narrow and by law, we have to be at least 100 m far so we just stayed up the sloping street, also, by law, we only can manifest from 7 o'clock PM...well when the embassy is closed! It's interesting to see that the laws are made to protect the rulers...we can manifestate of course but as long as we don't distrurb them!
Needless to say that if we tried to pass the 100 m line separated by the police we would possibly get arrested or be beated. Well still, I am not afraid of the police, I like police, I am afraid of the criminals not the police! And well the police just applies the law, and are the few honest persosn working in Portugal, they suffer a lot and are underpaid but still they are honest and their purpose is to keep the safety of the citizens. And police I think that agrees with us too, we talked to them and gave them papers of our manifest...contrary of the persons passing by with cars, they just ignored us.
To that manifestation, summoned through facebook, slightly more than 300 people (and that's too few for a major subject like this) signed up (on facebook) but only about 30 showed up...this only shows the indiference of people from everything that doesn't reach their silly normal lives! In fact there were more cops than protesters!
 It's just sad not to realize that the freedom which is being threatened is not only Assange's but the freedom of everyone!
I don't really understan the virtual phenomenon of saying you are going to a manifestation or mobilize to do something and then don't appear in person...I think the definition for this behaviour is slacktivism, some stupid people must believe that a simple click changes the world...

How can we accept wars based upon lies and chase and ignore the persons who dared to speak the truth? For example, Bradley Manning, the american soldier that was shocked by the brutality of the NATO's militar interventions and how naive he was to think that saying the awful things he saw he could stop that horror! Now he faces a lifetime imprisionment or death penalty for treason to the USA because he revealed inconvenient truths!

Why is all this fuss about Julian? Well he revealed dirty secrets and exposed how "democrazy" works and the purpose of wars! The rulers don't want a population who thinks about their actions and demands to know the truth...I think we cannot accept to be blinded by greedy bastards, so I trully want to believe that the whole world stands by Julian!

Now if Assange leaves the Ecuador's embassy he will be arrested by UK militar forces, then they want to extradite him to Sweden because he is accused to rape two women!
Face it! Always the same cheap and dirty trick! A rape? Assange recognises he got involved with the women but it was not a rape, well I believe him, there are women capable to do anything for fortune and fame, and let's not forget "the groupies" phenomenon, if you don't know I expalin: a bunch of crazy bitches offers "free sex" to famous people.
When Assange was hidden in England he says that groups of girls found him! He refuses to call them groupies, but some of that fans are crazy girls who want to do that, it's grouse and several bands like My Chemical Romance compalins about it and say "give yourself the respect!".
Even if the rape was true...why would the whole wide world care about this? there are bigger motivations behind, of course, we talking about someone who exposed the dirty secrets of the powerful ones...and for them it's quite annoying!
If Assange goes to Sweden, then he might face the extradition to USA, that's what he fears, there he could be arrested like Bradley Manning and condemned to a lifetime imprisionment or death penalty!
It is ironic to see that UK justice that now is persucuting Julian Assange is the same that protecetd on its land the mass murderer dictator Pinochet (well I remeber this year, during their beloved jubilee Queen's birthday, she invited dictators to her party too...it's recurrent I see...are they really proud of being bristih? how!?).

"A different world cannot be build by indiferent people" Dr Peter Marshall

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