segunda-feira, 6 de agosto de 2012

What the hell was that?

In Denmark, today I went to the Greenlandic House, a house that explains the culture of the people from Greenland.
Greenland is the biggest island on the world, it is 50 times more bigger than Denmark and belongs to Denmark although having a parliament too.
Greenland has 56 000 inhabitants and receives billions of dolares from Denmark each year.
A greenlandic woman just told us they wish to be independent from Denmark, and she hopes that happens in 40 now it can´t be, but with the oil extraction on Arctic she really hopes Greenland does great and wins lot of money and becomes a very wealthy country like Norway, the nation who owns the biggest superavit of money on Earth but a few years ago was one of the poorest ones...and all of this hanged because of the oil.
She added: "due to the climate change it´s been easier to extract oil and we are attracting oil companies there", I told her it was not good for anyone if that thing becomes true, she said that we had other Ice Ages and Climate is always changing and we don´t actually know if it´s from human activity or natural activity (we know it, but it´s so scary that we deny it...).

So will it be handy to extract oil when we probably dive in another Ice Age for thousands of years and humanity disappears due to its own greed?...but hey, at least Greenland will be independent! -.- 

In the end she even said that whaling in Greenland is allowed but not for commercial purposes, that people actually eat at home whale but you need a registration in the system, because it´s a sustainable hunting. I said that whaling is supposed to be illegal and she just got annoyed and said that we had to respect their culture, and their culture has to do with whaling and wearing seal fur, and due to our fuss about fur lots of people in Greenland lost their job...that was basically beat seals to death and skin them alive to sell their fur to rich and cruel people.

I wanted to tell her I understand why their culture is like that, after all there is no climate to plant food and they fish and whale to survive and wear seal fur because of the cold...but she didn´t want to listen.
Instead of shut up my mouth I talked of Faroé Islands, that belongs to Denmark too, where it is maybe a VIKING tradition: be a man and kill whales!!!!well she said whaling is a tradition too that must be respected...and they also eat the murdered whales...see by your eyes, this has a name: cruelty and stupidity.

Be a viking, to make yourself a man you have to kill whales? some traditions are cruel and stupid and they cannot be tolerated or respected.

In the end she told us we could go to their gift shop and buy traditional things like...seal fur!
Well I just got in and watched it: it was real fur...and a girl just said about a baby boots made of fur: "oh so cute", and I asked her "but it is real fur", and she naturally said "yes, real", and I: "real suffering so you shouldn´t find it cute", and left the place.

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