segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2012

I predict a muslim riot!

I usually stand up for muslims, even when I disagree and condemn lots of things like the way women are treated in muslim countries, I stand up for them because they are martyrs, not because of religion but because of geostrategical and geographical purposes, lots of peaceful citzens in those countries are killed by NATO in silly stupid wars. So muslims should unite and take action to take USA and other NATO fellows out their countries and stop that bloodbath, like the outrageous thing they're doing in Syria...but being violent, beating and killing because of a stupid video? and stupid cartoons?
I have no religion, I like to think by myself and think religion is a source of discussions, misunderstandiings, hate and wars!
I think religion destoys the critical spirit and the sense of humour!
My advice to all religious fanatics regardless of what religion you have:
If there is a GOD he has no religion!
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