segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2012

Obama that I used to know

I really like Obama, he can fools anyone, he has all the political marketing: he is black, the first afro-american president, he won a peace prize before he had time to show he deserved (and he didn't), he looks really nice and harmless, he looks like someone with the free will to change, he's so charismatic that it's almost impossible you don't like him in at first...he promissed change and hope, he convinced USA of that and the world too...but he, well he just kept that nice look and committed the same crimes as the previous presidents: wars and lies...and with the crisis he followed the banker's orders and made americans pay for their debr while the speculators and bankers won big amounts of money with the misfortune of so many americans who lost their jobs, houses and life savings, the reverse of Robin Hood, stealing the poors to give to the riches...and it's so not fair!
Now is camapign is anti-rich, saying that "we", the american people, "won't rescue the banks again with our own money, you have to learn the lesson" shouldn't have even go that way in first place, now who will believe you?
This all makes me think that Obama is a marketing product of the elites, he was chosen before because he is the perfect puppet...and the only reason, after all this dirty lies and broken promisses, he will be elected (and he looks like the less least the more charismatic one) is because that mormon (Mitt Romney) is moron!
Watch the parody with the Goye music: "Obama that I used to know!" below:

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