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Frau Merkel visits Portugal

Work to pay the debt, die in order to pay the debt...and it will set you free
 Frau Merkel came to visit Portugal, in a short visit of 5 hours to see how the portuguese people are doing and if we're following her instructions, because after all, she, as a leader of Germany and so, Europe rules this place, she's our Fuhrer.
A few weeks ago, Merkel was in Greece where she was very surprised and satisfied to see the huge progress of Greece, where 1000 stores close each week, hundreds of people get unemployed each day, babies and pets are being abandoned because people don't have money to feed them, and the suicide rate increased dramatically...all nice progresses!
Now to make this progress even bigger they suggested greeks to work from dawn to nightfall, 6 days a week, from monday to saturday, ending up with the 2 days of rest at weekends and cutting their incomes and rising their taxes in order to pay the debt and the interests to the banks. Those who can't actually pay with their money because they don't work will pay too with their misery, increasing poverty, hunger, blood and maybe death.
Meanwhile in the heart of the Reich, germans live in a fairytale, with a media that censure what's really going on in indebted countries and making its sheeple believe in the propaganda of the stereotype of the lazy people of the sout,h who don't work, forgetting how indebted Germany has ever been and now making profits with the Euro zone instability having negative interest rates while other countries work only to pay the interests, meanwhile in Germany the unemployment rate has never been so low and the incomes are good enough to live with, they work few hours (with productivity) and have a lot of free time...but don't get fooled, the crisis will hit you back.
Merkel came here, she's not welcome, what she represents even less, she's the face of austerity but surprisingly very popular in Germany but she's not the guilty for this, but what she represents and defends (big corporations and banks) are taking advantage of all this, and it's unethical.
If the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Comission (EC) and European Central Bank (ECB) rescue plan fails and Portugal hit the bottom, the portuguese people can gladly wait to see the triumphal entrance of the german chancellor Angela Merkel, making the same imposition that she wants to submit the greeks, imposing the permanent presence of the IMF, EC and ECB in order to  the control their expenditures and revenues and therebey penalizing even more the portuguese (and greek) citizens.
This looks like the last attempt to conquer Europe through the financial capital, it really looks like the ressurection of the Nazi german IV Reich in the XXI century!
This lady already did a proposal to Brussels, so that the countries in crisis lose their sovereignty and be held hostage of IMF, EC, ECB, what is the same as saying that this countries get subdued by Germany. This is a political blow, through a financial way, in the well known nazist ideological style of the new IV Reich.
Stiglitz won the Economy Nobel Prize and he said austerity is the suicide of Europe...but what does he know? he's just a Economy Nobel Prize, Merkel has a PhD in Chemistry!
To end this, I'll just let you with a video Portugal made for Germany to see about the crisis in Portugal and waht is the European project, a video that was censored in Germany...
Merkel is not welcome, austerity is not solution and the Berlim wall fell in 1989!
If this continues this way it's the 3rd time Europe suicides itself with Germany on the comanding post! NOT AGAIN!

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