terça-feira, 13 de novembro de 2012

Help the korean dogs!

We all know how fucked up and repulsive asian cultures are in what concerns to "food", right?
Far from being racists (which I'm clearly not 'cause to me humanity is all the same scumbags except those who stand up for animals) I have to say this: I already knew they like eating whale, dolphins, even cats and dogs and they cook fish alive, like, it's usual to buy fresh and alive fish and then cook the fish in the pot...what I didn't know is that in Korea, they cook dogs alive too! As you can see from the horrifying image above, that dogs are being cooked and boiled alive, because they say it's easier to get off their skin and it's tastier! (I'm feeling sos sick right now).
I already knew, if this that it was told to me is true, that in Macau dogs are beated so that their flesh gets tender when they kill them. It doesn't surprise me if it's true!
I already have posted in my blogue about the dog meat trade in Thailand
So I hope you help he actists to stop this cruelty and sign as much petitions you can.
Here's one: change
Know more abou this in: http://koreandogs.org/

Also in Korea a drunk korean man tied a dog to the back of his car and dragged the puppy to death, of course the korean police department did nothing at all because in Korea to mistreat animals is not a crime, if you're not ok with this decision sign the petition demanding this man(?) to be punished:

Why dogs are beter than people: Mad World

Humans are devils! I feel less and less human day by day...

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