segunda-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2012

Why my 2012 rocked out

In despite of everything I think my 2012 rocked out.
I can have erased so many people from my life and been erased by others, but I put on mind that we have to do things we like anyway even if we have no company. I can say 2012 I cut all my "friends" from my life, after all who ignores you can't be your friend at all.
But I travelled alone and met new people and it was all good, I went to a summer festival, I went to concerts, I did it on my own and it was awesome too.
Also I learnt 3 foreign languages: norwegian, danish and japanese.
I hope in 2013 to learn new things too and travel do other places, and if I have no one on reach I'll just pack up and go.
I'll let all the boring people stay trapped in 2012, and if I don't know new ones I don't want the old ones back, it's better to be alone that stick around fake "friends".
My 2012 was  a blast!

Why 2012 Rocked

 2012 was a great year for music, with lots of new albuns, that's why it rocked:

Smashing Pumpkins: Oceania
Green Day: Uno/ duo/ tres
Robbie Williams: Take the Crown
 Mika:The Origin of Love
No Doubt: Push and Shove
Maroon5: Overexposed
Jack White: Blunderbuss
Linkin Park: Living Things
The Killers: Battle Born
Muse: The 2nd Law
Fun: Some Nights
Keane: Strangeland
 2 Door Cinema Club: Beacon
Christina Aguilera: Lotus
Nelly Furtado: Spirit Indestructable
Madonna: M.D.A
Alicia Keys: Girl on Fire
Rihanna: Unapologetic
Pink: The Truth about love
Alanis Morisette: Havoc and Bright
Lana del Rey: Born to die
Marina and the Diamonds: Electra Heart
David Fonseca: seasons rising/ seasons falling

another lousy Reveillon

 I can't believe I'm on my way to another lousy Reveillon! It doesn't surprise me I had no invitation (again), but if it has to be me to do so who can I invite: college people? (=no way), high school people? (=no further interaction since high school), family? (=boring), international contacts (=impossible). So I wish I can meet nice people in 2013, people with who I can talk about movies and books and music, people to go to concerts and cinema with me, people to travel with me. That's  my personal wish for 2013.

quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2012

In the land of freedom

300 000 000 it's the number of guns held by civilians in USA
32 is the  number of people who die every day in USA victims of  fire guns
47% of americans (in a whole of 311 000 000) admit to have at least one gun at home.

The more violents countries worldwide  according to the law center to precvent gun violence in terms of the number of homicides due to fire guns in a year:
1-Brazil (34 678 deaths per year)
2- Colombia (12 539deaths per year)
3- Mexico (11 309 deaths per year)
4- Venezuela (11 115 deaths per year)
5- U.S.A (9 146)

Now tell me, is the solution to put armed marines (I bet a bit parnoid due to the heavy conscience) in every damn schoool, in USA in order to prevent blood baths in schools like the one in Newtown?
Sure, the kids would be even more traumatized to see more guns and feel they live in prison. well at least this is my opinion, 'cause for God sake I'm european and so I have no idea what is like to live in the jungle of America (I mean all Americas, from north to south...America is a whole continet not just one country named USA!!!).
Anyway, the right to posses a gun is in the american constitution, it's said to be a right people have to protect themselves from a dictatorship...let me tell you something, for a long long long time USA is not a democracy, it's a lobbiecracie haven't you see that? you know it's not the land of Freedom, nobody buys that, in fact in which country of Freedom truth speakers face life imprissonment or death penalty just because of telling the truth about the lies in Iraq (yes, I'm talking about Bradley manning, but there's others), in which land of free is there no right to a public school till University included and with quality? the right to free health care? In which land of freedom kids are sentenced to death penalties for shooting guns and killing people (well their parents teach them how to shoot a damn gun....), how come in the land of freedom you get arrested for protesting against bankers? in which land of free the media is absolutely fake and controled?
No right of having free education and health care but having right to have a gun?
Yes, that sounds like freedom!

quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2012

I do not listen to anybody but I'm not sure I'll get anywhere, all I know is that I rather be no one that be like everyone

Enjoy a capitalist XMAS

Hey it's christmas let's go do some shopping, hey it's the boxing day, let's do some shopping, hey it's black friday, let's do some shopping, hey it's the sale's season, let's do some shopping. Human being is indeed such an empty being who fills up with anything!

segunda-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2012

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is to get in a train and get lost in Europe for at least a whole month, and even if I have to do that on my own ('cause I'm friendless or if I'm not I don't know any adventurous people who want to do that) and I'm sure I'm so going to do that next year, 'cause I'm so sick of being in this tiny little rectangle next to Atlantic Ocean, and all I want is just to get out of this boring place!

sexta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2012


DAM IT! WHAT A FLOP! I was thrilled this fucked up world was going to blow up today!

terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2012


As an europeist, humanist and pacifist, I must admit that I am deeply outraged by the fact the Nobel Peace Prize was given this year to European (des)Union and it was received by Durão Barroso, president of the European Comission after being Prime Ministre of Portugal, the butler of that war summit in a portuguese island named Azores that counted with the presence of the Prime Minister of Spain, Aznar, the Prime Minister of UK, Blair...and the President of USA: George W. Bush. I remeber european citizens and even european governments were tottally against that summit and the Iraq invasion.
I remeber the several manifestations against that in Europe, I remeber that that gruesome guy (Barrosso) only wanted to show off, he got no support from anyone in Portugal, nevertheless he suggested to his fellows the meeting in Azores where they staged the dirty lies that convinced the rest of the world to invade Iraq because of its nuclear arsenal. It was one of the bigest frauds in the international policy.
The british Non-Governmental Organization Iraq body Count estimated that since the invasion of Iraq 162 000 people died, 80 % were civilinas. Just for not to mention the devastation of the country, the war refugees...a country destroyed in the name of dirty lies!
In the end no nuclaer mass destruction weapons were found, but who cares? no apologies, no trial, no jail for the bastard liars...instead: REWARD! One of them is the President of the European Comission and received a Peace Nobel Prize!!!! The world got crazy!
Moreover, European Union is far from deserving a peace Prize, several countries produce and export weapons (Germany, UK; France, Sweden), european countries are NATO allies and support wars with their army.
They say the Peace Prize is to celebrate the peace and prosperity achieved by the European Union after being on strife pretty much all the time, fighting against all neighbours during the whole History and let's not forget: the stage of the 1st and 2nd world war was in Europe.
But this is not true at all, a few years ago in the Balkans happened genocides, but did Europe and europeans care at all? NO!
And now the crisis, we have rich countries against poor countries, creditor countries and endebted countries, all fighting between them. Portuguese say: "we are not Greece!", spanish say: "we are not Portugal!"; italien say "We are not Spain!", french say: "we are not Italy!", english say: "we are not like anyone of you!", norwegians don't care at all, they are not even in the European Union, in fact they don't care about that, they're rich, they're independent, they don't need anyone, they have their oil, but neverthless, in Norway, the Nobel Peace Prize was given to...European Union, and received by the filthy hands full of innocent blood of Durão Barroso.
This is a scandal and I am deeply disgusted by this.

Massacre in Elementary school in USA

I feel deeply sorry for those children and women that were killed in a Elementary school in Newtown, USA.
I think USA has to redifine the free possession of guns. How can the consumption of drugs can be forbidden and repressed by going to jail (even just for smoking cannabis) and the sale of guns is legal?
Self protection? If no one has guns you don't need self protection, and besides how could a gun protect you anyway? If a robber goes inside your house can you shoot and kill without going to jail claiming for self protection?
Orther thing is the fact that disturbed teenager who killed 26 people was disturbed and lived in a disturbed family whose mother had guns at home right next to him and she even taught him how to shoot. Actually, shooting guns a family program for weekends that some disturbed and sick american families do.
Other thing is the sick society of America, full of violence and disturbed people, violence everywhere: on TV, on the cinema, on media, on the street...overseas. Violence, violence, violence only generates more violence.
Innoceent kids were killedon that day, but let's not forget that everyday dozens of children are killed by NATO by operations called Foreign Policy!
And how can you see, the kindly way pakistani children treat americans are totally different from how americans treat pakistani children.
Stop arms trade, stop buying guns, stop selling guns, stop wearing guns, stop wars, stop army, stop violence!

sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2012

Japanese Lessons

"To learn a new language is to gain a new soul"

I just decided it was about time to learn something new, totally different from what I know, so I'm taking japanese lessons and I'm loving it! One of the most interesting things I learnt is that Japan in japanese is called Nihon, and the story about how it became Japão in portuguese, Japón in spanish, Japon in french or Japan in english is very very funny: the portuguese sailors during the Age of

Discovery were the first westerns to arrive to that place called Nihon (Japan), after months and months starving in the sea they saw land in sight, because they were so so tired and so so hungry, the portuguese sailors asked each others: "já há pão?", which in english means: is there [pt: há] bread [pt: pão] now [pt:já]?, and voliá that distant place has the western name of Japan " Já há pão?" (and actually the japanese word for bread is pan, from the portuguese pão). How cool! :)


From the facebook page "America: the roots of terrorism":

"US soldiers have feelings too except when dealing with Afghans. They love their kids but they don't think about kids of Afghans, they love their wife but they don't think about wife of an Afghan when they carry out night raids and search them, US soldiers love their families but they don't think about Afghans who love their families and friends and hate to be humiliated and disrespected. US soldiers love to be with their families but they don't think when they imprison innocent family members of Afghans in Bagram and other private prisons."

US soldiers do this bloody job for defend the interests of the big capitalists (and because some of them I suspect really like killing) and they are welcomed as heroes when they return (dead or alive)! 
 Yes they have families too and they love them too, because it's THEIR families...and so what's the surprise? so many seerial killers have families...also nazis had families too who they loved and kids they really cared about...if they were THEIR kids and not other kids like jewish kids or brunette kids or african kids or gipsy kids...Right?
How grouse!