sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2012


From the facebook page "America: the roots of terrorism":

"US soldiers have feelings too except when dealing with Afghans. They love their kids but they don't think about kids of Afghans, they love their wife but they don't think about wife of an Afghan when they carry out night raids and search them, US soldiers love their families but they don't think about Afghans who love their families and friends and hate to be humiliated and disrespected. US soldiers love to be with their families but they don't think when they imprison innocent family members of Afghans in Bagram and other private prisons."

US soldiers do this bloody job for defend the interests of the big capitalists (and because some of them I suspect really like killing) and they are welcomed as heroes when they return (dead or alive)! 
 Yes they have families too and they love them too, because it's THEIR families...and so what's the surprise? so many seerial killers have families...also nazis had families too who they loved and kids they really cared about...if they were THEIR kids and not other kids like jewish kids or brunette kids or african kids or gipsy kids...Right?
How grouse!

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