quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2012

In the land of freedom

300 000 000 it's the number of guns held by civilians in USA
32 is the  number of people who die every day in USA victims of  fire guns
47% of americans (in a whole of 311 000 000) admit to have at least one gun at home.

The more violents countries worldwide  according to the law center to precvent gun violence in terms of the number of homicides due to fire guns in a year:
1-Brazil (34 678 deaths per year)
2- Colombia (12 539deaths per year)
3- Mexico (11 309 deaths per year)
4- Venezuela (11 115 deaths per year)
5- U.S.A (9 146)

Now tell me, is the solution to put armed marines (I bet a bit parnoid due to the heavy conscience) in every damn schoool, in USA in order to prevent blood baths in schools like the one in Newtown?
Sure, the kids would be even more traumatized to see more guns and feel they live in prison. well at least this is my opinion, 'cause for God sake I'm european and so I have no idea what is like to live in the jungle of America (I mean all Americas, from north to south...America is a whole continet not just one country named USA!!!).
Anyway, the right to posses a gun is in the american constitution, it's said to be a right people have to protect themselves from a dictatorship...let me tell you something, for a long long long time USA is not a democracy, it's a lobbiecracie haven't you see that? you know it's not the land of Freedom, nobody buys that, in fact in which country of Freedom truth speakers face life imprissonment or death penalty just because of telling the truth about the lies in Iraq (yes, I'm talking about Bradley manning, but there's others), in which land of free is there no right to a public school till University included and with quality? the right to free health care? In which land of freedom kids are sentenced to death penalties for shooting guns and killing people (well their parents teach them how to shoot a damn gun....), how come in the land of freedom you get arrested for protesting against bankers? in which land of free the media is absolutely fake and controled?
No right of having free education and health care but having right to have a gun?
Yes, that sounds like freedom!

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