terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2012

Massacre in Elementary school in USA

I feel deeply sorry for those children and women that were killed in a Elementary school in Newtown, USA.
I think USA has to redifine the free possession of guns. How can the consumption of drugs can be forbidden and repressed by going to jail (even just for smoking cannabis) and the sale of guns is legal?
Self protection? If no one has guns you don't need self protection, and besides how could a gun protect you anyway? If a robber goes inside your house can you shoot and kill without going to jail claiming for self protection?
Orther thing is the fact that disturbed teenager who killed 26 people was disturbed and lived in a disturbed family whose mother had guns at home right next to him and she even taught him how to shoot. Actually, shooting guns a family program for weekends that some disturbed and sick american families do.
Other thing is the sick society of America, full of violence and disturbed people, violence everywhere: on TV, on the cinema, on media, on the street...overseas. Violence, violence, violence only generates more violence.
Innoceent kids were killedon that day, but let's not forget that everyday dozens of children are killed by NATO by operations called Foreign Policy!
And how can you see, the kindly way pakistani children treat americans are totally different from how americans treat pakistani children.
Stop arms trade, stop buying guns, stop selling guns, stop wearing guns, stop wars, stop army, stop violence!

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