terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2012


As an europeist, humanist and pacifist, I must admit that I am deeply outraged by the fact the Nobel Peace Prize was given this year to European (des)Union and it was received by Durão Barroso, president of the European Comission after being Prime Ministre of Portugal, the butler of that war summit in a portuguese island named Azores that counted with the presence of the Prime Minister of Spain, Aznar, the Prime Minister of UK, Blair...and the President of USA: George W. Bush. I remeber european citizens and even european governments were tottally against that summit and the Iraq invasion.
I remeber the several manifestations against that in Europe, I remeber that that gruesome guy (Barrosso) only wanted to show off, he got no support from anyone in Portugal, nevertheless he suggested to his fellows the meeting in Azores where they staged the dirty lies that convinced the rest of the world to invade Iraq because of its nuclear arsenal. It was one of the bigest frauds in the international policy.
The british Non-Governmental Organization Iraq body Count estimated that since the invasion of Iraq 162 000 people died, 80 % were civilinas. Just for not to mention the devastation of the country, the war refugees...a country destroyed in the name of dirty lies!
In the end no nuclaer mass destruction weapons were found, but who cares? no apologies, no trial, no jail for the bastard liars...instead: REWARD! One of them is the President of the European Comission and received a Peace Nobel Prize!!!! The world got crazy!
Moreover, European Union is far from deserving a peace Prize, several countries produce and export weapons (Germany, UK; France, Sweden), european countries are NATO allies and support wars with their army.
They say the Peace Prize is to celebrate the peace and prosperity achieved by the European Union after being on strife pretty much all the time, fighting against all neighbours during the whole History and let's not forget: the stage of the 1st and 2nd world war was in Europe.
But this is not true at all, a few years ago in the Balkans happened genocides, but did Europe and europeans care at all? NO!
And now the crisis, we have rich countries against poor countries, creditor countries and endebted countries, all fighting between them. Portuguese say: "we are not Greece!", spanish say: "we are not Portugal!"; italien say "We are not Spain!", french say: "we are not Italy!", english say: "we are not like anyone of you!", norwegians don't care at all, they are not even in the European Union, in fact they don't care about that, they're rich, they're independent, they don't need anyone, they have their oil, but neverthless, in Norway, the Nobel Peace Prize was given to...European Union, and received by the filthy hands full of innocent blood of Durão Barroso.
This is a scandal and I am deeply disgusted by this.

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