segunda-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2012

Why my 2012 rocked out

In despite of everything I think my 2012 rocked out.
I can have erased so many people from my life and been erased by others, but I put on mind that we have to do things we like anyway even if we have no company. I can say 2012 I cut all my "friends" from my life, after all who ignores you can't be your friend at all.
But I travelled alone and met new people and it was all good, I went to a summer festival, I went to concerts, I did it on my own and it was awesome too.
Also I learnt 3 foreign languages: norwegian, danish and japanese.
I hope in 2013 to learn new things too and travel do other places, and if I have no one on reach I'll just pack up and go.
I'll let all the boring people stay trapped in 2012, and if I don't know new ones I don't want the old ones back, it's better to be alone that stick around fake "friends".
My 2012 was  a blast!

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