segunda-feira, 18 de março de 2013

I just want to go...

Most people don't want to emmigrate because they don't want to leave their family, friends and the life that got used to...funny thing, that's exactly why I want to leave.
I want to see new places and have a new life away from everyone here, specially people like family who should support but instead they spend the whole day arguing with you and messing up with your head!
I found out there is no special place for me, I don't want to go to a specific place, I just want to get out, to go! JUST GO!
I want to go alone and live alone like forever...alone nobody can argue with you, mistreat you and bring you down!
I'm my best friend so I am always ok alone.
I don't have to many friends (do I have any?) or social life, I found it difficult to find someone who will not attack me or try to destroy me so I avoid people's company.
I am my best friend, I have to, I have to believe in me 'cause I am the only person who I really can count with, I'm the only one who understands me and lifts me up whenever someone or something brings me down.
All I can say is that I started loving myself for who I am and stopped hating myself for who I am not, and really, if we stop trying to make other people like us, if we do not like them, we don't care about their love and don't bother about them. It works very well for me because the more I know other people the more I like myself.
I can't wait for the day I'll free myself from this life, the only thing I regret is the life I could have lived but that didn't depend on me.
I'm heading out for a new life that's for sure and what is past has no space in my future.

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