quinta-feira, 4 de abril de 2013

Desperate plea from Cyprus: animals starving

Well we all know what's going on on Cyprus, they are being looted, ok it is an ofsshore that gets a lot of money from all the ilicit sources and that's outrageous...but well so does Switzerland, so does Vatican. And do not say they want to end up with offshores, they want to get THAT money. We are talking about amounts up to 100 000 euros...it's not just big amounts, average business have that money...otherwise how could an enrepreneur pay incomes to let's see  employess? What about solidarity institutions? They also have more han 100 000 euros...and they're about to loose about 60% of the money they thought it was safe on the bank.
Well Cyprus will be the new Greece, raising poverty and misery and unemployment...congratulations EU you are committing suicide!
But hat's not just the people who suffer...animals suffer too and right now with he money frozen a lot of institutions can't feed their animals and they are starving!


Also in Greece thousands of pets are abandoned every single day.

This is is what happening in the so called EUropean Union, not only the European terrorism financial orders under Germany demands are killing entire nations and its citizens thrown to unemployment and misery...also, pets are starving and so being killed slowly! THis is what EU have become and it's about time to split no good will be done while Germany is on the control of this assassin politics. Been told!

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