sábado, 6 de abril de 2013

Human Apocalypse

The pain of 20 breaking bones?How can GIRLS want to have kids? woman suffer so much to get this world full of sick perv mother fuckers...worthless! If all women refuse to get pregnant the world will be better since there would not be anymore humans.
Every murder, every serial killer, every dictator also was born in the same inocent blood...the thing is not the kid itself but the ass-hole it might become.
 Yes I know this mind sound like some sort of fucked up idea, and it is and I am not talking completely seriously, it's just my sense of humour and some thoughts I have about life, including of course, why and how it has began.
I am not saying I am against other people having kids, in fact I kind of like seeing them giving up their carefree life just to reproduce themselves, it's necessary for the continuation of civilization, all of we are here because thousandas of people have fucked and fucked, we are the product of a big big orgy party throughout History and women and thousands then gave birth right? but at least for me, I want to end up that party, I won't have any kids, 'cause I am not willing to give up  my life and freedom in order to create a being that could never exist, if it is a problem that can never start why start it? Really the world is full of pain and more humans will only increase the suffer in this hell. So you all have kids, bear them when they are crying annoying babies, annoying kids and even more annoying rebeld teenagers that just care about going out, smoking, drinking and fucking...maybe you'll be a grandmother or grandfather soon, isn't it great too?
I'll be forever young so I will never be a mother, also I find the idea of creating and feeding and bearing and being responsible for a human being for my entire life completely scary...scarier thn death!
When someone borns will die too in middle there will be good things and bad things and after death maybe they will face the horrible hell or the boring heaven (if there is a God, and heaven and hell)...so imagine the amount of pain and time and money you can save by just wearing a condom?
Women carry in their womb the future of human kind and they have total power about the continuation or the end of humanity, they should be given more respect specillay from some disgusting men that mistreat and rape them (most part of women that were raped decide to give birth to the kids and still love them...I don't know how they can do that, but it is remarkable).
Notice this, the world has 7 000 000 000 people....ALL of them, every single person came out from a women, if women decide not to give birth, or if not all but the majority decides not to, we will face the decreasing of the number of humans so what I am just trying to say as a misanthropist is that if every women refuses pregnancy this would be a much better world because humanity would be annihilated...what a nice, neat and quiet apocalypse, don't ya think! :)

(I just love my dark sense of humour but actually I mean all that I just said, yes I'm weird I know :) ).

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