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I not even can chose a title for this post...well it's about that brutal atttack committed in London, I read in newspapers: "decapitaion in the middle of a London street", I was terrified!
It turns out it was not a completed beheading I guess, I don't want to know the details really, but it was an horrendous act!
The two guys who did this, and even wanted to be filmed and talked to cameras, said they were muslims and they did this to that young man who was killed because he was a soldier and bristish soldiers invade their lands and kill muslims so it was a revenge "tooth for tooth, eye for eye", something like that.
Also he says, our land...Afghanistan? well, to me, he looks like an african immigrant with english nationality or british, son of immigrants, clearly not what we can call an original english. The victim, was just a young man about my age, a true english person, british by  right who was killed and brutally murdered on his own land by those savages who immigrated to Great Britain or whose parents immigrated to GB...
It's an isolated case, TOTALLY ISOLATED! I can see that, I'm not going to do any generalizations, I don't think muslims are evil (well to be honest, I just think all religions are evil), but I'll tell you what, I do not believe in no, I believe we all can live in peace, but I doubt that we can do it living all together in the same place.
London, for instance, with 12 million inhabitants from everywhere, has becoming more and more violent and dangerous! British (like true british) people are a minority in London it's been said.
Well when I went there 10 years ago, I kind of noticed that really! Where were the english english? it was like the whole world just had moved to London...for me, it was starnge although I live in a multicultural and peaceful city (Lisbon, which I love).
I just think for british british, it might feel strange for them to feel foreigners in their own land, and that's not all, being afraid of the other's who don't trully belong there! To fear the foreigners in your land? What an absurd!
So although, I am left winged, believe in world peace (and by the way I'm an atheist), what I wanted to say with this post, like it or not, is that, now I see why GB wants to stop immigration...and you know what? I think it's totally legitimate!
I think immigration should be stopped indeed or at least controlled.
I think in all Europe, we should control this issue, because we are in a big crisis and with high unemployment rates, so more people coming in to find a job, and not founding it, may led to violence and robberies.
I think immigration should be more permissive between european citizens (after all we share the same spirit of citzenship), but radically more limited to non-european citizens.
We can't blame all immigrants, immigrants are needed and welcome if they work, pay taxes and behave, and in Europe everyone is accepted no matter what is their belief or ways (all they need is to respect the others and live in peace with the others), but if they don't want to live under european ways and do not respect the people who welcomed them...well they are not needed, they are not desirable, they should GO!
So anotehr thing I agree is that foreign criminals should not be accpeted back in the foreign country they commited the crime, they should be sent home.
Also, I agree with the fact Norway refuses to build mosques, it's their right to refuse, it's Norway, not the Middle East, a mosque is something that doesn't match with anything here in Europe.
I understand that point!
All this situation is so regrettable and too bad for being true, I really don't know what to say anymore, but if a country has problems with immigration I think it's the right of the country to control immigration, it's not the person's from the welcoming country that have to bow down foreigner's ways, it's the extreme opposite!

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