segunda-feira, 13 de maio de 2013

Oh I hate teenagers...

The more I look at teengares nowadays (you know what I mean...seriously watch some reality shows like the "Sex, Sun and parents watching" about teenager's holidays paid with parent's money...what a bunch of sluts and manwhores that keep saying they hate who gave them their life and paid them everything just because yes, also today I heard one today at a coffee: "that as the 1st time I beated my dad", just not to mention the 15 years old girls who ask for a birthday present fake silicon breasts and date guys with more than 20 years old...I hope they are parents also so they suffer the same) the more certainty I have I will never EVER have kids, I don't understand what's strange or anti-natural about this, I find it strange yes if you want to deal with that annoying irritant person in the last good moments of your life, spend a lot of money and give up your freedom and mental health...seriously, why you did that for? I'm glad to be a weirdo that will not help the continuation of human race as specie, good lord!
Such a waste of life!!!!!

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