sábado, 1 de junho de 2013

Maiden day

Day 29 May 2013, I went to my first Heavy Metal concert: Iron Maiden, here in Lisbon.
As usual, I went alone, did not tell anyone I was going, and did not see anyone I knew in there, I like doing crazy things alone even because if I just do it if the others join, I'll probably end doing nothing at all.
I told my parents I was going to have a birthday dinner with my friends, they were surprised, I'm not sociable at all (only in the blogue I guess)...well the truth is I never ever invitations to do nothing, I'm a misfit and misfits deal well in heavy metal concerts coursing life and death, no?
What can I say about the concert? awesome, surreal, worth every euro,lots of scenarios, skulls, special effects, pyrotechnics, well played music...perfect!
The crowd...well Maiden's concert's are not a place do date, nor to stupid girls and their stupid boyfriends go, stand still and demand everyone around to stand still "there's a girl in here!", "hey stop feeling the music, here's my wife and my son and daughter"...well girls and women if you can't handle don't go watch an heavy metal concert, grown up men...don't take your wife and remaning family in there...is it supposed to stand still and quiet in an heavy metal concert? is it suppose to kiss every single 5 minutes in middle of satanic songs???! Please stick to listen music at home then, or go to Michael Bubble, Julio Iglesias or Leonard Cohen concerts instead, stick to your romances and sopa operas then....to all regular girls: Maiden is not for pussies!deal with it!
I survived my first heavy metal concert! :)

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