sábado, 6 de julho de 2013

Virtual Friends

How modern "friendships" are nowadays: people quit having a real social life by hanging out and do stuff together, instead, they interact with "likes" and "shares" and through chats and social networks.
Do you want to know something about someone you don't see for a long time (like someone who studied in the same high school or college as you)? sneak into their facebook, that will keep you updated and so, we all can know about each other's lives without being together, without really seing each other all this time.
I decided to put this kind of lost "friendships"  to the test. You know, people who makes part of your past (even if it was a nice past like when you were a teenager and went to the same school), people who since life separated never really made an effort to see you again, never called you again, never sent you an e-mail again, and sometimes they just put "likes" in the facebook, people whose the only bond left between me and them was ...the facebook! So, I deleted them all from my virtual life...and puff they simply totally vanished from my real life....I wonder if they were ever real! But nevermind, now they are just somebody that I used to know.

I don't express my friendship by sending links, pressing share buttons or "like buttons".
The last straw was when I saw ex- colleagues of mine that I didn't see for a long time, and I just saw them in public transportation and we started talking,  and they started talking about my life, like my trips, the concerts I went, etc. I knew a little less of their liffe since they don't write almost anything on it.
So I decided to delete them....they never invite me out, maybe that's because they don't need to ask about my life they already know, also they don't feel the need of being in my company. So I don't want those people connected to me virtually if they're not in real life, and that's because they're not interested on it.
Also, a colleague of mine quit college and never said anyting to me face to face, never asked me out, I deleted and she sent the "friendship" request back....but she was not really interested in talking to me face to face, people are simply obcessed with facebook connections...really? I didn't accepted it, she gave up college 3 years ago and never really talked to me again, but all the sudden I deleted her and she remebered me? Others were just acquaintances that said Hi to me and sometimes didn't say anything really, I deleted them and they purely pretended they don't know me at all....
It's true, some persons are so important in your life that are only a quick click away from your life!
(P.S: I quit all my social netwoks)

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