quarta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2013

Arrogance made in Germany

It's with this title «Besuchen Sie doch ihre Steuern!», which in german means "go visit your taxes", that a travel agency in Germany offers travels to the PIIGS (countries endebted...aparently to Germany? or German banks? or IMF? or...who really?, PIIGS=Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain).
I tell you what, I've never really talked too much to germans, the ones I did looked nice of course, but I tell you what, the image they show to the outer world is of an arrogant folk, always looking for power and domination of other countries, it is a country that suffers from deep amnesia and superiority complex...or arrogance call it what you like. Why? Why on Earth is it so difficult to Germany to live in peace and  treat equally their european neighbors? why have they to always rule above everyone else? It's because this creditor/debtor "relationship", this fake propaganda of the honoured hard working germans and the lazy inhabitants of the south that live in wonderful sunny places where all germans love to go on holidays just to escape from their sad, sad, cold, cold, boring country! Yes, we are lucky! Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain are wonderful places, amongst the most beautiful places on Earth. South is soooooooo much better to live in that North, yes!!!! So what they're gonna do? we have to live in misery to make them feel better about their cold and depressesd life? our salaries are very low (in Portugal the minimum wage is 485 euros), we have right to live here in our sunny, beautiful countries full of pristine beaches, this is not a summer colony, got it? we have the right to live HERE in our god damn countries, we were blesses by this weather and beaches and just because of that, just because this places are so awesome....NO it doesn't mean we are ALWAYS on holidays! Maybe for germans a winter day here is their summer...too bad for you, deal with it! But we have the right to live here, our youth has the right to stay and live here and work here instead of emmigrate to Germany and go pay them their retirements...while they come here to live their retirement.
By the way, where does Ireland stays in this point? it's not south, people don't live near sandy beaches, the weather also sucks...are they always on holidays then? maybe it's not the case, because Ireland only bakrrupted due to corruption of banks and bankers...national and international....all right, media don't talk about that? ok, let's keep our mouth shut! Bad bad irish! Big big irish spenders! tsssc tssc!
So this simple, apparently harmless billboard shows hate and disinformation...fake propaganda, and a propaganda of hate and ignorance (for a change, no?).
We don't live from your taxes!Our taxes pay your banks and Germany has won lots of money from this artificial debts (speaking of debts...I have the slighty impression yours were forgiven...and wait...your country was reconstructed due to forgiveness and help of the other european countries...or am I mistaken?).
Conclusion: keep believing you're actually paying us anything, meanwhile german banks and huge international banks win a lot of easy bucks while our countries are being destroyed by ausetrity and misery until the whole european project falls apart (again)
Do you think it's nice in Greece and Portugal people getting food from the dustbin bins!? How lucky are we! But we sure deserve it...we (our corrupted governments) were big spenders, now let's eat from the trash!
Children fainting in school because of undernourishment? Not of your god damn problem, we have too PAY! 
In Germany because it's so dark and gloomy the high suicide taxes are normal...in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy it's not normal, and since the crisis it severely increased...any cause/consequence of crisis and ausetrity?I bet! (read:suicide-in-front-of-parliament). 
Not even the pets are safe, thousands of them are abandoned each day because people have no way to buy them food (thousands-of-pets-abandoned-in-greece), 
Ok guys, I got your drama, your country sucks so you wanted to buy greek islands to make your private summer destination...so why not suggest greeks to sell Corfu and the Acropolis ? WHY the hell they did not accepted? It looked like such a very helpful suggestion!Do a Pact of Redemption to sell all our gold? 
Don't we even deserve the right to work and mind our own business? If the only Europe German knows is the german Europe with Germany on the command ...well we're better out of that, keep your BMW's, Lidels, Mercedes, Audis and stuff...we go on our way, and we're better apart.
Will this be the 3rd time in less than a century that Europe commits suicide with Germany on the comand post? I hope not, but Germany on their own will let everything to lose...and in the shape of things too come too much poison come undone...
I dare you, come, come to colourful your pity rainy life with our sun and beaches...use your turism to help us, like a charity, come, come to see Europe impoverishing and falling apart, come and see all this misery and new homelessness...come visit your taxes, you did a good job here!



segunda-feira, 16 de setembro de 2013

I need your help!

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The world is small and round but it never ends. Run to anywhere, but keep your nightmares in your pocket and don't walk out of your head, romantic steel, kevlar heart, tourist of the ilusion. Jump out from the rusty carousel of Europe, run to the American Wild West, meet the worst folk in the world, die if you must...if it was easy it would be for the others, do whatever you always wanted and be exactly what you want to be 

is this your hot jesus?

quarta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2013

Nine Eleven 12th anniversary

Still having no answers, just questions...truth or hoax?

Music: Welcome to the Aftermath, by Remo Conscious
We saw the towers fall to ashes like they were laced with bombs
And ever since we've been at war like Genghis, conmen fiendish
For a Fascist world state, an Orwellian nightmare
Where rights are stripped bare, get prepared for the future of
Wire taps, cameras on every corner
Blackwater sharp shooters with scopes locked on you
The patriot act has us watching our backs, they front
Like they're here to save us while they're on the attack
And we act, like we didn't see it coming
From a nation built by theft and genocide

Gunning down opposition listen worldwide it's well know
That America will eat its own, so, so long
To what you thought was democratic, these times are catastrophic
Cause war is a means to profit
Control and manipulate the massive, it’s classic evil
Caskets, be full of people, blasted

They lie, they scam, they cheat and steal
They plot, they fund, they act it’s real
They watch, they hunt, they punish and kill
Welcome to the Aftermath

Ground Zero the launch pad for endless killing
That Bush desperately needed to fool the millions
Into supporting an agenda to conquer the planet
I wonder how the children felt when the first bombs landed
In Afghanistan. Operation enduring freedom
Was the first act of treason must I tell you the reason?
Start reading, and stop believing network news
They're concerned with making money not telling the truth
Deep in the night, I'm turning and tossing
Knowing cities are burning lost in the silence of the Empires coffin
Over one million Iraqis murdered
Human beings never to be seen again or heard of
Now who's next In the name of, America famous for heinous war acts
Vain insane leaders feed us lies and ignore facts
But fact is were smarter and stronger than what they hoped for
The war on terror deceptive like Regan's coke war


20 years from now what will Americans will be like
Slaves well behaved or human beings with rights
If we fight we might still have a chance
Instead of hoping for change, we’ve got to advance
Take a stance and be heard, silence is the enemy
Words have power, but actions speak louder
Pretend to be free till you die a slave
A soldier in the desert searching for a ghost in a cave
For the Corporation, I’ve run out of patience
Sick of seeing’ troops sent to die for your lies
You’re Spending dollars on death, we holler in protest
Til' we have your arrest, we will not rest and we know
What you did that day, killed your own citizens to advance your ways
All my real patriots stand up and say 9/11 was an inside job


Watch the documentary Loose Change 9/11: an american coup written and directed by Dylan Avery