quinta-feira, 20 de março de 2014

Happy sperm day

9 months after that won't be than funny!
Well...I have a sarcastic dark side humour that's for sure, I have a tendency of breaking every tabus and joke about the awkwardness of life...and since I've written a post mocking the mother's day, here came the time to joke with the father's day.
We were all a sperm right? I mean, that was what actually made us, what we are what we look like partially its owned to a random fastest sperm...(the other ones with lots lots of genetic information got lost and died...if the other sperm were faster than you, you wouldn't be here reading this and your mum would be equally happy for having that other baby don't you doubt about that) I must admit that I fell nauseous abot this ever since I discovered the story of the storks were bullshit! So yeh right we kind of were in our father's balls and then on our mum's vagina in which we "lived" 9 long months...how cute!

I know I say a lot of crazy stuff that shock people, and I'll keep on saying without caring if people like to read it or not (if u don't want to read my stuff you know what to do, don't read this). So here's another one: on this father's day be conscious that every action has its consequences and even a little thing as a spermatozoid causes serious consequences...we are all the living proof of that aren't we? so don't be like your dad and use a condom 'cause fucking can literally fuck your whole life!

think about this while you jerk off, you jerk

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